31 Ways to Wear a Grey Suit in 2023

Discover the best way to wear a timeless grey suit
Sam Brady

A more versatile version of the traditional black suit. The grey suit should be integral to any man's tailored wardrobe. Adept at being broken down into separates or worn as god intended, it is a versatile weapon in helping you always look your best.

What we love about this suit is it has a timeless demeanour, which can absorb many patterns and colours both within its cloth (pinstripe, herringbone etc) and in the accessories you choose to partner with it. Where black leaves little room for experimentation, grey in its different hues can allow men to diversify shirt colour and tie design. Resulting in giving us a lot more options. Ideal if you have a limited budget and need your suits to do a lot of heavy lifting.

However, some styling tips remain when planning to wear a grey suit.

Grey suit styling considerations

Suit Patterns

The grey suit is definitely not afraid of embracing a bit of pattern. Men will find this suit in windowpane, pinstripe, herringbone and houndstooth, among many others. The choice can sometimes be overwhelming. In this case, try to stay within your comfort zone and nail that before introducing patterns you might not be familiar with. We want a grey suit to integrate with your current wardrobe, and if you aren't a 'pattern man', you might struggle to find accessories that look good with one.

Suit Colour

Light grey will give you the longest lifespan for wearing this colour suit throughout the seasons. Opt for a blue or white shirt as is, or give it a contemporary feel by swapping the shirt for a knitted polo or roll neck. Both will create a different vibe to your formal look but give us welcome options in summer or winter. A lighter hue of grey will also allow men to test different footwear. Whereas darker grey lends itself to black or dark brown, a light grey version means trainers or suede loafers become an opportunity.

Dark grey is more formal in its appearance, making it a great choice for business meetings while delivering a better aesthetic in cold-weather dressing. The darker tone is a natural backdrop to the deeper, earthier tones we see at that time of year. Should you want to extend the life of this colour suit, we recommend breaking it into separates and mixing the dark trousers with an alternative colour jacket. Try, for example, partnering the trousers with a field jacket for a smart casual look.


What accessories a man chooses to wear with his grey suit depends mainly on the pattern. Patterned suits such as pinstripe cloth can work harmoniously with a polka dot tie. But it can be tricky to get the balance right. If in doubt, choose a single-block tie or pocket square as a safe option.

If your suit has no pattern to it, then take that as a chance to inject colour and interest. Just remember that the pocket square and tie should complement, not match. And your belt should nearly always be black. A brown belt in the wrong tone can be jarring if not executed correctly. Black is a nice fallback, and the colour works nicely with grey for accessories like a belt or shoes.

Top tips for wearing a grey suit

  • A plain formal white or blue shirt is an all-season choice.
  • In summer, introduce pastel colours for an update on your shirt options.
  • Your shirt should always be lighter than your tie.
  • Black shoes are preferred, but dark brown or burgundy can look good.
  • Don't ignore your watch as a key accessory.
  • Pocket squares and ties should complement, not match exactly.

Grey suit inspiration

Now you have decided on a grey suit for your desired event or as part of your tailored work rotations. To give you some inspiration on how to wear it and what to wear with it, below is a group of some of the most stylish images we could find. A multitude of well-dressed men that we can look to for notes on dressing better. From timeless, classic looks to a modern twist, there is something for every guy in the list below. Enjoy!

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