The 10 Best Men's Slipper Brands For Style & Comfort

Now we are spending longer in our homes, slippers have become an everyday essential for men. If you live in a place with wooden floors especially, you will be familiar with that sharp pang of cold first thing in the morning. It's enough to send you running back under the covers. Now, imagine sliding your […]
Sam Brady

Now we are spending longer in our homes, slippers have become an everyday essential for men. If you live in a place with wooden floors especially, you will be familiar with that sharp pang of cold first thing in the morning. It's enough to send you running back under the covers. Now, imagine sliding your foot into the warm embrace of a sheepskin-lined slipper as you softly walk to the kitchen.

Slippers might seem like the accessory of choice for men over 65. But, in the current climate of 'new normal', everyday style doesn't have to take a backseat. Why would we not want to experience high-level comfort when living and even working from our abodes without sacrificing looking good.

So, find out everything you need about choosing the cosiest slipper for you and your living-come-working space. With many variations such as the moccasin or the mule, the humble slipper is the 2022 footwear item you never knew you needed.

Different Styles of Slipper

Like with all menswear pieces there have always been iterations to classic items. As different brands or individuals input their creative flair and technical knowledge, new variations are born. Here are our picks of the key styles to look out for.

The Mule

The mule is a term more readily associated with women's footwear. It is your usual slipper design but there is no back to the shoe. They are perfect for kicking on and off, as the foot slides easily in and out. So, good for wearing from one room to another, possibly post-shower. But, not our recommended choice for working from home in.

The Moccasin

This is the slipper design we are most familiar with. Your foot stays enveloped in a hug of warmth. This is next-level comfort, not your grandad's daily kickabouts. The inside is lined with super-soft wool or sheepskin that will wick away moisture and leave your foot toasty and dry.

The Bootie

For men looking to take the warmth to extreme levels, then the bootie will give added insulation up to the ankle. These are definitely no to be worn outside the house like an extra from TOWIE. This is weekend-style for loafing on the sofa.

The Dress Slipper

The dress slipper is typically crafted from velvet and its adoption by the stylish elite dates back to Prince Albert. Now a familiar sight at black-tie events it can also be worn in less-formal environments. That means they are perfect for a devilishly smart take on the traditional slipper.

Top Slipper Picks

mulo corduroy slippers


Everything at MULO is designed in London and crafted in Portugal. Alongside collaborations, with sleepwear and loungewear specialist Hamilton & Hare is their new corduroy slippers. Lined with ultra-sumptuous but superbly breathable natural shearling these handmade slippers are the first time MULO has used corduroy in their production.

mahabis footwear


Hitting all the notes when it comes to warmth and functionality is Mahabis. They have taken the humble slipper and completely reinvented it. Inside there is 100% wool lining and underfoot is a foam footbed above a durable hybrid sole. The result is a core piece of footwear that can easily be worn inside or outside the house.

ugg soft mens slippers


This brand has a long history in providing technically astute footwear. The Scuff Courdroy is a foolproof option for comfort. From the UGGpure™ wool lining to the foam footbed this will have you floating on air as you glide around your home.

derek rose luxury slippers

Derek Rose

The pinnacle of slipper comfort comes from the Savile Row loungewear and nightwear specialist, Derek Rose. Like their luxury nightwear, the focus is on best-in-class slippers for when it is time to switch off and relax. Just try to prise them off your feet when you have to leave the house.

george cleverley smart slippers

George Cleverley

Worn by Hollywood and British royalty alike, George Cleverley is a bespoke shoemaker with a wealth of experience for crafting the finest footwear. The 'Albert' dress slippers have been handmade in England from plush velvet and come with a soft, quilted lining.

quoddy moccasin slippers


Footwear from Quoddy is handsewn by their expert craftsman. These moccasins are incredibly light due to the twin-face shearling used to keep your feet insulated. Underfoot is hand-cut Vibram® air-injected rubber soles to make every step feel like you are walking on clouds.

john lewis mens slippers

John Lewis

As we have come to expect from the high street giant, there is no shortage of quality in the slippers they sell. Utilising materials like luxurious suede in classic mules and moccasins there is something for everyone.

marks and spencer mens slippers

Marks & Spencer

Although there might be outdated stereotypes that they only cater to older men. Marks & Spencer have finessed their offering to a wider age demographic over the years and now are a destination for stylish men.

Pick out slippers featuring their Freshfeet™ technology that combats odour-causing bacteria.

uniqlo slider slippers


Inspired by Japanese house shoes, Uniqlo has a selection of slippers that come in under a tenner. Slip-on versions include corduroy uppers and rubber soles for added stability. So, kick-off your trainers at the door and relax into a pair of comfortable sliders.

barbour slippers for men


Applying their superior outdoor cold-preventing technology to products like slippers seems a natural transition. After a long walk in the cold, what's better than slipping on a cosy pair of faux-shearling lined moccasins. So, stick the fire on and sink into a pair of super-soft Barbour slippers.

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