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The 100 Greatest Bentley Cars

A newly released book about Bentley delves into the history of the iconic car manufacturer.

Founded in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley, the car company has had a massive impact on the industry through its use of innovation. Bentley is known for their best-in-class automobiles, and the book will feature 100 of their most important and groundbreaking models. These include the 1924 3-Litre, the first Bentley to win Le Mans and the 1959 S2. The first to feature a V8 engine. It will also feature more modern classics like the Continental.

Each car featured comes with extensive details and stunning photography showcasing their unique engineering superiority.

French luxury publisher, Assouline produced the book, and it is part of their Ulitmate Collection. The collection also includes books on a variety of subjects including fashion, art and even cigars.

The limited-edition book is housed in a hand-stitched leather-bound case befitting of the most exceptional library. With a price of $1,450, it is not one to be left on the coffee table

$1,450 from Assouline

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