How To Prevent & Control Oily Skin

One of key the differences between the female and male grooming market is women can enhance, define or conceal their skin through makeup. Thus masking any imperfections that might have recently appeared. For men, as make-up is not as widely available or accepted at the current time, they need to focus on prevention.

By adequately preventing and treating our skin correctly, men can be removed from the horror of struggling with oily or combination skin issues. Sometimes it isn’t about trying the new fad grooming product and instead, building from a foundation of good practices.

To get technical, men have oily skin because of an over-active sebaceous gland that produces sebum that lubricates the skin more than normal. This can be hormonal, but we can also follow some useful tips to slow the production of sebum or even stop it completely.

Avoid Using Very Hot Water

Using water that is too hot on oily skin can sometimes make the problem worse. It can end up stimulating more production from the sebaceous gland and thus creating more oily patches.

Use A Shave Gel

Shave gels tend to dry out the skin in comparison to creams and foams. This can be a good thing if you are prone to oily skin. But, use in conjunction with a moisturiser to re-hydrate the skin and keep it looking fresh.

Don’t Ignore A Moisturiser

Oily skin is not a sign of overhydration, so don’t stop using moisturiser. It is about choosing the right type of moisturiser instead. An oil-free moisturiser using natural ingredients will keep your skin looking hydrated without exasperating the problem.

If you have combination skin and your oily areas are the forehead and nose then only apply the oil-free moisturiser to these parts of the face (the t-zone). You can always use another product for the rest of your face.

Don’t Wash Too Many Times A Day

Washing your face too many times during the day can lead to irritation and redness. The production of sebum to lubricate the face is a defence mechanism for irritation. So the fewer irritants men can inflict on their face the better.

Regularly Exfoloiate

Overproduction of sebum can come from blocked pores. Prevent these by exfoliating twice a week. A good exfoliate will remove the top layer of skin and any dead cells, a core reason for blocked pores.

Try A Face Mask

A face mask, used a couple of times a week is a great way to get some nutrients and antioxidants into the skin. Along with exfoliating it will help un-clog those blocked pores so your skin can breathe again. Look for a clay-based version which will help remove excess grease and grime at the same time.

Reduce Stress Levels

Stress is a sure-fire way to increase hormone levels and get those glands working over-time as a rise in hormones means more oil production. Take to time to realign your work-life balance and introduce ways to relieve tension.

Keep Hands Away

The devil makes work for idle hands and this can be detrimental to your skin. In the inevitable case of a breakout try not to prod and poke your skin. If at the end of the day you notice a build-up of oil on the surface then use a toner pad to clear away the excess and not your fingers.

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