Where To Shop For a Summer Wedding

summer wedding suits for men

We are fast approaching wedding season and as such, now is the time for men to start thinking about what suit they are going to wear. Your daily office suit will not suffice. Take this opportunity to try out different fabrics and styles that still conform to what you like but have a slight twist to your normal suits. There is an abundance of suits available on the high street for men to shop, but it can be tiresome and long-winded traipsing around the shops on a Saturday.

Men can never buy a suit online though. It goes against every fibre in my body to suggest that this could even be possible. Buying online offers no clue to how the suit will drape your body, how it will fit and some brands even leave out the material it is made from in the description. The only way you will ever find the right suit for you is by handling it, expecting its finer details and ultimately trying it on. Purchasing a suit in store, also gives you the added bonus of having some experienced store workers to give more insight into your choice.

Here we have brought men a guide of some of the best places to pick up a wedding suit on the high street. For the sake of making this a little concise, we have overlooked manufacturing on this occasion, as it is going to be tough to get a British made suit at a reasonable price on the high street. Instead we have focused on fit, style and material for this article.

J Crew

j crew mens ludlow suits

In particular men should focus on the Ludlow range this US brand offers. It comes in a great colour palette, including Havana blue, moss and blue ecru. This range is made from an Italian wool and linen mix, with linen mixes my go-to choice for suit fabrics during summer. The jacket is also double vented allowing air to circulate as you attempt to keep cool during the ceremony.




mens zara suits for summer

At a more affordable price tag, Zara is clearly influenced by a Mediterranean approach to tailoring. Less structure means less heat, but the Spanish brand still offers a modern, fitted silhouette. With a wide choice, there is bound to be a style that fits what you are looking for. Plus with the money you have saved, men can invest in a good piece of footwear.



Suit Supply

mens summer wedding suit

Suit Supply just know how to do stylish suits, plain and simple. They experiment with patterns, colours and materials and standout from others on the high street. So many other brands play it safe, catering for the traditional man with the plain black, grey and navy palette. As you can see in the example, Suit Supply offer some great silk-linen mixes in impressive colours that are perfect for the summer wedding.




summer wedding suits for men

A stalwart of the British high street for those looking for a little piece of affordable luxury. Men can easily embrace effortless style with Reiss. Obviously with the warm weather you can leave the waistcoat at home. But Reiss offers some great suiting like our favourite on the right. Woven from a cotton-rich blend, it is soft to handle but sturdy to withstand those over exuberant dance moves.


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