What Glasses Suit An Oblong Face

Do you have an oblong shape face? Thankfully, you are in luck. An oblong face is one of the easiest face shapes to find glasses for.

If you know you have an oblong face shape then great. If not, the the image below will help you gauge a better understanding.

selection of mens face shapes
Image from emilysnapeillustrator.blogspot.co.uk

For those with a square face then we have a separate guide here.

Understanding your face shape will make it a lot easier when buying accessories, in particular eyewear. Like with your body shape and clothing, different styles and fits will flatter you.

If you are shopping for a new pair of glasses then research what face shape you are so you are more prepared for the wealth of choices in front of you. That way you will make a better, more informed choice.

What are the traits of an oblong face?

An oblong face is longer than it is wide, and typically men will have a longish nose. The key is not to accentuate the length of the face but add depth to it. With some oblong faces, a common trend is for the jawline and forehead to have a similar proportion.

Types of Glasses For An Oblong Face

  • To offset the length of your face you want to look for styles of glasses that are taller.
  • Glasses shouldn’t extend past the widest part of your face.
  • Larger frames will make sure your features look too small.
  • Round or square frames are a good choice for an oblong face.

Famous Oblong Face: Ryan Gosling

ryan gosling in glasses

Notice how one of our favourite style inspirations, Ryan Gosling has chosen his glasses. We mentioned height is important with an oblong face, and Mr Gosling’s frames are not big, sitting under the brow of his eye.

The darker frame choice has also added some subtlety. Glasses that are brightly coloured or the recent trend of being clear framed will accentuate the face above and below. For, oblong faces we wouldn’t recommend going down that route, opt for a muted colour palette.

In conclusion we would always recommend going in-store to try on different glasses. For an oblong face it is about getting the right width and proportion. That’s glasses aren’t too small or oversized.

Once you get it right, you can follow that style trait when choosing a pair of glasses you need to buy further down the line. You could also use this guide on oblong face eyewear as a guide when shopping for sunglasses.

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