What Glasses Suit a Square Face

Following on from a previous piece where we talked about shopping for an oblong face, in this post we talk about picking the right glasses to suit a square face.

selection of mens face shapes

Image from emilysnapeillustrator.blogspot.co.uk

Men with square faces tend to have quite a strong jaw line, so it is key to pick frames that soften this as well as making your face look longer than it actually is. Picking square frames are going to do nothing apart from over emphasise your already strong contours. But yet I still see men picking these designs.

What men should really be doing is choosing frames that are round or oval. Any design elements should be on the top side of the frame, opposing the jaw line and therefore softening it.

Types Of Glasses For A Square Face

  • Curved frames
  • Any embelishment needs to be at the top of the frame
  • Same goes for the sides
  • No colour accents
  • Don’t choose large frames

Style Inspiration: David Beckham

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