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Three brands other than Ray-Ban for sunglasses this summer

I’m guilty of it as I’m sure a lot of men reading this are. The sun starts coming out, and you realise you don’t have any sunglasses. You head straight down the high street and spend a few minutes trying on some ridiculous frames in a style that has never suited you, before opting for an £8 pair knowing it then doesn’t matter if your fat arse sits on them or you leave them in the pub after a few drinks. This year the eyewear revolution begins for me, and no longer will cheap frames adorn this face!

But where do you start?

Everyone immediately gravitates towards Ray-bans knowing their reputation and their existence in the wardrobes of celebrities over the last 50 years. But what other brands will give you a sartorial step-up and a sense of superiority over your friends?

Warby Parker

Created to give men the chance to have designer eyewear at revolutionary prices, the concept was born when the founders were cash strapped students. From its humble beginnings Warby Parker has since been valued at $1.2bn and offers a nice alternative to the conglomerate owned sunglasses market. Originally mail order opticians and with traditional spectacles at the heart of its expansion plans, the sunglasses range involve heavyweight styles with affordable price tags.


Prices start from $95 in the US, visit 

Taylor Morris

Based in London, this relatively new brand has managed to muscle its way into the competitive eyewear game of late. Offering men some British sartorialism with a dash of Hollywood glamour, the product has a timeless elegance with a modern twist. With a budding reputation, I’m sure this brand will be around for the long haul.


Prices start from £125, visit

Cutler and Gross

Luxury eyewear brand, Cutler and Gross was established in 1969 and have been making sunglasses for the more discerning gentleman for the last 45 years.This is a brand for men with heavier wallets, and in return for the bigger price tag, they deliver a more personal service including an option to have bespoke eyewear made to order.

cutler sunglasses

Prices start from around £300, visit

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