The Notepad for Thinkers

Sam Brady

For those that struggle to sleep at night, studies have shown that writing in a journal can help to unclutter the mind. With thoughts and worries noted you could drift off to sleep more easily. So, there is no better time to get yourself a creative companion.

The Baron Fig starter kit

A notepad can become a trusted ally in life. A place to collate the mirage of thoughts and ideas we have daily. The Confidant Notebook by Baron Fig was created after consulting a range of worldwide thinkers. What were their expectations of a notebook or sketchbook?

Simplicity and functionality were critical to the product the Baron Fig team wanted to create. For example, the notebook is engineered and patented to lie completely flat, no matter which page you have turned to. Made with ideal density paper, you can choose from blank, ruled or dot grid pages.

If you have thoughts, then you are a thinker.

Available at baronfig.com

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