The French Crop: A Timeless Haircut For Men

mens french crop haircut

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No, it isn’t a piece of Provencal agriculture. The French crop is, in fact an ideal men’s hairstyle for the warmer months. Similar to a Caesar cut, it is a slight variation on a classic men’s haircut style. Easily manageable it will suit the vast majority of men in a short or medium length.

Read on to find out whether the french crop is the right haircut for your face shape and hair type.

The Details

In essence, it is a short, back and sides but with a textured top. The fringe can either be worn down to take the edge of the hairline or styled across in a textured side parting.  There are variations of a french crop whereby the length on the sides and the top is quite extreme. Some men even prefer to accentuate the difference in length further by going an even shorter grade around the ears.

Having more of a fringe is ideal for men with long faces or large foreheads as it creates a less severe hairline. Wearing it sideways at the front is a great way to update a classic and timeless style. A surefire way for men to look great in the boardroom or the bar.

celebrity french crop mens

How To Cut The Style

Your barber should be already familiar with the French crop style. But if they aren’t, there are a few things to consider. The back and sides are often cut with scissors to gain a soft transition to the hair on top. We recommend a shorter side for men with thick or curly hair. It offers a modern look with a more drastic transition to longer hair.

Remember, you can always take a photo of the desired haircut. This gives your barber a better understanding of what you want.

Taking note of your hair thickness will also determine the weight on top. Thick hair can look lifeless on top of your head. So, ask your barber to use a ‘point cut’ to add texture. Those with thinner hair like me can ask for a ‘blunt cut’. It is great at combating hair that sticks up at the crown.

Styling A French Crop

With this effortless style, you don’t want it to look too polished. Clay and pastes can add texture but without removing the freedom of movement.

As the hair is scissor cut with a natural finish, this style tends to grow out nicely. So, in theory, there are fewer trips to the barber.

In conclusion, the French crop is a pretty low-maintenance hairstyle for men. Go as short or as long as you feel comfortable, and work with your barber to find the best outcome for your hair type and face shape.

model with short sides and longer hair on top
A shorter side with longer hair on top
man with french crop and fade
Model with French crop and a fade on the side
mens layered french crop
Layered french crop

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