Summer Items To Still Wear In Autumn

Sam Brady

Moving from one season to another for men often comes with the impending fear that our wardrobes are lacking in options. Thankfully, we have now started to become more aware of our consumerism, and the fashion world is beginning to turn on the outdated notion that we always need to buy a new wardrobe of clothing once the weather changes.
Indian summers and global warming are making a mockery of our idea of seasons, and if we shop clever, we can make our money stretch further. We don't expect men to be wearing shorts in the rain, but take inspiration from the list below and find out how you can get more wear from those summer pieces.

Denim Jacket

The key to making the most of what you have is working out the best way to layer core items. A key component of layering with style is by utilising a denim jacket. Street style icons have been showing us for the past few years that the denim jacket is equally adept in winter as it is in summer. Just rather than it being the hero outerwear, it becomes your mid-layer path to warmth with flair.

layer a men's denim jacket

Keep it classic with a blue jean jacket which is neutral enough to be worn over a hoodie, or beneath an overcoat. By using blue, it combines well with numerous colourways. If in doubt, keep to colours like a black or camel outerwear and steer clear of patterns if you don't feel confident.


Like looking after your skin all year round, protecting your eyes should not be restricted to summer days. The sun can be just as harmful on colder days, so make sure you keep your sunglasses handy.

johannes huebls wearing sunglasses


Dark lenses can scream summer, so try some tinted versions to make sure you still have the UV protection but have more flexibility with autumnal clothing. It will become a fresh cold-weather look that will save your pounds and your eyes.


Back off holiday and the beer garden doesn't look as appealing now it's colder. What happens next is your best t-shirts get bundled with those summer shorts and stuck in a drawer till next year. On come the knits, wrapped in a thick coat without a t-shirt in sight. But, a t-shirt can be vital to elevating cold weather outfits offering a colour flash either at the neckline or the waist.

men wearing tshirts as a layering piece


If the weather isn't too cold, then you can use t-shirts on their own beneath a winter coat. That way you can colour block colours more easily. With regards to which colours to choose, you can't go wrong with white. Alternatively, something like burgundy beneath a camel coat would look nice.

Polo Shirts

Similar to t-shirts, short sleeve polo shirts can be banished from daily outfit choices during autumn and winter. The key to their longevity is using them as supporting cast members in autumn and let other men's staples shine. For example, using a polo shirt as an alternative to a formal shirt can mix up work uniforms that can often become stale. This way, the suit can become the hero piece without distractions.

men wearing polo shirt with a suit


A key point to remember though is polo shirts have little distinctive texture, so when partnered with suits in similar flat generic textures, it washes all style out of the look. Opt for suits with patterns and materials like wool to harmonise the outfit.

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