New Microsoft Surface Earbuds

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Break free from ordinary with the new ultra-comfortable earbud headphones from Microsoft. This new tech from the giants at Microsoft has plans to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle, offering a superior experience to other similar products on the market.

The intuitive touch surface enables wearers to tap, touch or swipe to adjust music volume, skip a track or make a call. With our current overexposure to screens, these earbuds give a welcome de-shackling to provide a superior hands-free and screen-free reality.

Easily access Spotify or other on-demand services by triple tapping either earbud. Why not also elevate your presentation. Use the earbuds to swipe through slides with Powerpoint and get what your saying translated into over 60 different languages.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds have interchangeable silicone ear tips and four anchor points, so each earbud sits securely in the wearer’s ear. The interchangeable silicone ear tips mean you have three different sizes to choose from. So, you can be assured to find the right fit for you.

Experience rich and immersive sound through custom-designed drivers precisely manufactured to deliver exceptional acoustic clarity. Each earbud has two microphones built-in, ensuring fantastic voice recognition and quality with every call.

model wearing microsoft earbuds

The earbuds have an impressive 24-hour battery life, with 8-hours continuous listening time from a single charge. Better still, with the storage case comes two additional 8-hour charges. Meaning you can go about your day without the dreaded fear of running out of battery.

They are in hot demand due to their exquisite combination of style and function and are currently available for pre-order.

$295 from

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