The Natural & Sustainable Grooming Brands Men Should Know

In a previous article, we brought you a list of applauded sustainable clothing brands that men should have on their radar. Though, it shouldn't start or stop with what we wear. If like this writer, you put as much care into your face and body as you do your clothing then there should also be […]
Sam Brady

In a previous article, we brought you a list of applauded sustainable clothing brands that men should have on their radar. Though, it shouldn't start or stop with what we wear. If like this writer, you put as much care into your face and body as you do your clothing then there should also be a focus on the grooming brands you buy.

Nothing brings climate change to the fore like an unseasonable weather and the current heatwave is a prime example. Yes, it is nice to bask in sun for an extended period of time, but we need to be frank about the reasons for this heat. Climate change brought on by mankind's impact on the world around us has to be challenged.

Pioneering activists like David Attenborough have commendably brought to our attention how our seas are populated with plastic waste and how ecosystems are being destroyed by humans. Though our own choices should go further than just ditching the plastic straws in our drinks.

The traditional men's grooming market is chock-full of plastics and harmful ingredients. Marketing masks this with grandiose claims on how "insert grooming product here" can make you more attractive or cure the signs of ageing.

Education is key.

Sure, governments can take tougher measures such as banning microbeads - these plastic beads found in exfoliators couldn't be filtered out of water systems and made their way into lakes, rivers and seas.

But, by shopping around and broadening the brands you know and taking greater note of the ingredients in our products, men can make better consumer choices.

In this article, we have brought you a range of skincare brands that challenge the status quo of chemical-laden grooming in place of natural, ethically sourced ingredients and packaging without sacrificing quality.

brickells grooming men



Made in the USA, Brickell grooming products were born from the founder's frustrations about the level of toxins and synthetic chemicals in modern skincare for men. They set about crafting a range of natural and organic skincare products that are even more powerful than chemical-filled alternatives.

By introducing advanced science into the formulation process they are able to strip out harmful ingredients and replace them with natural, kind-to-skin substitutes without sacrificing results.

fussy natural deodrant



Fresh from a successful pitch on the UK's investment show Dragon's Den (like Shark Tank), Fussy is on a mission to banish single-use plastic from men's bathrooms.

Fussy deodorant is backed by science with all-natural ingredients making it free from aluminium, parabens and 100% vegan.

The deodorant cases are achingly aesthetically pleasing and you can book a subscription to have refills delivered monthly, straight to your door. Any leftovers are compostable helping to keep mother nature very happy.

gruum skincare for men



Looking to strip the beauty industry of its outrageous marketing claims and bloated, chemical-filled products are UK based brand Gruum

There has been special focus into all aspects of the brand including the bottles themselves. The flatter shape makes better use of space in storage and transport, while being able to be conveniently posted through your letterbox.

In addition, though they make all their packaging as recyclable as possible, Gruum knows that razors are difficult which is why they have launched the UK's first (and only) razor cartridge recycling scheme for their customers.

Products that are chock-full of simple, natural ingredients that are kind to your skin and with a clear focus on reducing landfill it is a winning combination in our eyes.

haeckels natural grooming



Founder Dom Bridges spent hours volunteering on UK beaches and seeing the impact of waste on them he set about harnessing coastal ingredients to create grooming and homeware products that can help slow the destruction of UK shores.

Seaweed is a key ingredient in a lot of their products and is picked by hand on beaches around Margate where their shop is based. This coastal hub stems from the belief that we are intrinsically linked to the sea and that we need to care for it with the brand also organising beach cleans and taking part in marine conservation surveys to further help the surrounding coastline.

The brand doesn't stop at just natural ingredients in its products. Key packaging utilises mycelium and seed paper wraps, both of which are 100% biodegradable helping to encourage new plant life.

disco skincare for men



Disco values clean ingredients, manufacturing all products naturally and responsibly.

The key ingredients in the Disco products either on their own or in combination with others serve the purpose to care for and enhance men's skin. Backed by a Harvard dermatologist, the brand looks to give men a one-stop shop for all their skin and hair needs no matter their specific requirements.

bulldog men's hair and body products



Probably one of the more well-known brands on the list due to being stocked in multiple supermarkets and pharmacies across the UK. But, what shouldn't be lost in its rise in popularity is Bulldog's commitment to fuss-free skincare products manufactured right here on our shores.

There is a strong use of natural ingredients alongside a few man-made picks with all products suitable for vegetarians and vegans due to the zero use of any derivatives from animal sources.

green people natural products for men



Upon discovery back in 1994 that companies only needed to include less than 1% of natural ingredients to call their product "natural", a spark was lit inside Green People founder Charlotte Vøhtz to create a truly natural range of skincare.

A family business, the brand carefully selects its natural ingredients to be bursting with benefits for both skin and hair. Prioritising certified organic and ethical sources, the extensive range of products covers a vast range of needs for both adults and children.

ren expert skincare for men



This skincare titan is effectively working towards a waste-free future by the inclusion of 100% recyclable packaging from reclaimed ocean plastic. REN also uses 100% plant- or mineral-derived ingredients. None of this has stopped them from winning countless men's grooming awards for the high calibre of their products.

From moisturisers to sunscreen, the UK brand always has sensitive skin in mind when creating high-performance products that include nature's most powerful and skin-kind bioactive ingredients.

doers of london vegan hair and body products



With a fully vegan approach, this London brand aims to deliver premium performance skincare for men without the extortionate price tag.

As you can expect, there are no harmful chemicals with only naturally derived ingredients proudly going into every piece. It has earned the approval of the Vegan Society and they are certified cruelty-free.

Doers of London produce in small batches allowing them to constantly evolve formulas and try new products. This strive for innovation comes from their entrepreneurial founders who desired to create a men's skincare brand that truly has substance in a crowded market.

grown alchemist eco-friendly mens grooming



The Australian brand, Grown Alchemist carefully crafts natural and sustainable products in eco-friendly packaging.

They are strong believers in how scientifically–innovative formulas are capable of influencing the way the body repairs and regenerates the skin. Their research proved that omitting ingredients like parabens or artificial fragrances in place of natural active ingredients directly imrpoves skin cell health, optimising skin function and consequently reversing the signs of ageing.

man cave natural products



Both cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, Man Cave aim to provide men with a range of natural performance-based personal care products.

Without compromising on quality, the brand carefully selects ingredients to help provide the best that clean and natural has to offer. Taking onboard feedback from their customers, Man Cave has ever-evolving formulas that utilise ingredients like ginger root, olus oil and peppermint to maximum effect.

Taking their commitment to mother nature even further, they manufacture 100% recyclable and BPA-compliant plastic bottles to encase their products. This material takes fewer fossil fuels than glass to create and isn't as heavy which would add an additional fossil fuel burden during fulfilment.

homme grooming for men



The product formulas used in Homme skincare are developed and made in Sweden, the mecca for minimalism. This no-frills methodology transcends to the products, stripped of chemicals and including only natural ingredients presented in low-key packaging.

Utilising a team of experts in the fields of skin therapy, make-up and barbering the team works on creating face creams, serums, hair products and beard oils that can be trusted to stand up to rigorous testing.

Designed specifically for men, Homme's range of products is ever increasing, so always check back for new lines.

jack henry natural ingredients for men



Named after the founder's son, the Jack Henry range is produced in-house using proprietary, plant-based formulations that include only natural ingredients.

Jack Henry Studios is a wellness club located in California and this ethos of not only looking but feeling good is what inspires their collections.

The result is minimal but functional body care that supports a healthy microbiome. All packaging and design are considered to have the least impact on the earth while maintaining the product inside. For example, they use an amber tint that keeps out harmful UV rays that can prematurely damage ingredients at a molecular level.

heath london skincare



Inspired by the urban natural lifestyle, Heath is a UK brand creating products packed with high-potency, natural ingredients to provide men with an elevated skincare routine.

Pioneering new formulations that smell good, look good and achieve great results, all skincare products from the brand are artisanally manufactured with 90% natural ingredients. Free from parabens, sulphates and microbeads the range is suitable for vegans and nothing has been tested on animals.

horace french grooming



This French brand only picks and uses ingredients that have been scientifically proven to get results in the ideal quantities. Not inflating ingredients based on trends or public opinion but what will be most effective.

All the products from Horace are between 95% and 100% natural, cultivated in no-frills formulas that suit all skin and hair types. That means a simplified shopping experience that gets expert pieces in your hand at an affordable price point.

If you need more convincing, just check out the tons of positive reviews from happy men on their site.

neals yard natural skincare for men



The OG of natural skincare, Neal's Yard have been doing it for over 30 years.

Based in Devon, UK, the brand ethically sources the finest herbs, botanicals and essential oils to be used in their extensive range of products. During sourcing, Neal's Yard takes part in countless initiatives to ensure they enrich the lives of the people living where the ingredients come, from Uganda to Australia.

Winning countless awards, the brand is a global leader in sustainability aiming to become a Net Positive business that benefits all aspects of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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