Mistakes Men Make Wearing Suits

Sam Brady

Suits are one of the essential wears in a man’s wardrobe that can drastically transform a man’s appearance if worn correctly. Putting on the right outfit can make you look like a million bucks while a wrong suit can give off a stuffy appearance.

It’s not only about having enough money to buy a good suit because even an ill-fitted expensive suit will look bad. Also though suits have been with us for ages, men still make horrible mistakes when trying to wear them for interviews, business meetings, boardrooms and formal occasions.

We found that young professionals entering into the workforce were most guilty of the sartorial style mistakes listed here. Without further ado, let’s dive into the seven mistakes most men make when putting on a suit.

1. Bad Fit

In the world of style, the fit is king. If it doesn’t fit properly, then don’t wear it. It’s just not worth the risk. Go the extra mile, and get your suits altered by a tailor to maximise the best fit for your body shape. At the very least, get the trousers the right length. Any decent dry cleaners can do this for you.

2. Overboard With Accessories

The right accessories are needed to step up your suit to a whole new level, but most men seem to get it all wrong. Pairing a patterned suit with a patterned tie and pocket square is overbearing. If you are going to wear a patterned suit, pair it with a solid coloured tie and pocket square.

With accessories, the rule is to keep things simple. Another essential rule to remember is your tie, and pocket square should complement each other and not be identical.

3. Buttons

Most bespoke and fitted suits come in such a way that you don’t need to button them up all the way. With two-button suit and three-button suits, you always leave the bottom button undone. It enables the fabric to move with the wearer and not restrict.

4. Undershirts

Wearing t-shirts underneath dress shirts with a suit is a big no. It is a habit that dates back to the pre-war time where an extra layer added warmth in a gas/electrical heating free world. It ruins the visual appeal of the shirt and suit, bulking it out. If you must, wear an extra layer on top of your shirt rather than below.

5. Running Shoes

If looking formal was the initial plan before you put on the suit, don’t ruin things with a casual shoe like running trainers. It is a prevalent style mistake we see in the commuter world, which often runs over into work time. Smart shoes like wingtips come with the appropriate heel height and design for a more elevated look.

6. Tie Length

I see a lot of men with a nicely fitted suit partnered with an inappropriate tie colour or length. If you want to nail wearing a suit properly, make sure you use the right length of the tie. An inch too short or too long has the potential of running the entire outfit. Your tie length should rest just at the base of your belt.

7. Mismatched Belt and Shoes

Ideally, try as much as possible to ensure that your belt matches your shoe colour. If you are wearing black shoes, opt for black belts and use brown belts with brown shoes. Although this style nugget is not cast in stone, it seems to be the contemporary trend with men of style these days.

Here you have it. Our seven typical style mistakes men make when they wear a suit. Avoid making these mistakes when you dress up, and you’ll be fine.

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