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Menswear Essentials Part 2: Navy Blue Suit

When it comes to value for money I don’t think you can get better than investing in a navy blue suit. Treated as two separate pieces of clothing, or worn together as either a smart or casual offering there are numerous looks for men to try. Thus cementing its place as an essential piece of kit in any man’s wardrobe.

In this article, I’m going to breakdown the merits of different menswear outfits that all have the navy blue suit as their foundation.

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Menswear Essentials Part 1: The White T-Shirt discussed the virtues of buying a fitted plain t-shirt. Following on from this, again I stress the importance of buying clothing which is befitting of your frame and body shape. Later there will be some different suits from a variety of brands but it is imperative that when investing in a suit you know your size when buying online, and have access to a tailor or dry cleaners in case alterations are needed.

The navy blue colour palette on offer allows for the suit to be worn with a variety of different shades in both shirts and accessories, perfect for a man building his wardrobe to be versatile. We all know a crisp white shirt is a no-brainer but why not try a chambray denim shirt, or a gingham alternative to experiment in a comfortable environment when introducing some different styles to your work wardrobe.

Buying menswear doesn’t have to be difficult, and I think there is sometimes confusion when shoppers try and over complicate matters. The building blocks are a simple, timeless style that you can diversify by introducing key pieces that will be taking your outfit to the next level, and the navy blue suit is a fantastic piece of effortless enduring style.

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How to dress down a suit

Sometimes you want to rip that shirt and tie off and this is never more-so then when the weather gets a little warmer. So take inspiration from the streets of Milan and team your suit with a t-shirt and trainers to give your suit a casual inspiration that will have you looking like you are running your tech start-up from your Macbook.

How to get boardroom style

Look a million dollars whilst firing some minion for getting your morning coffee order wrong. This outfit will give you an adrenalin shot of confidence as commuters move aside as you step on the tube. They say you should dress for the job you want and not for the job you have. So if you optimum job is senior ball breaker then this outfit is for you.

Worried about separating your suit

Give your suit longevity by mix and matching your wardrobe and freshening up your look at the same time. Avoid patterns if unsure and by using either a light grey or charcoal trouser colour you will correlate perfectly with your navy blue blazer.

How to separate your suit

You have mastered the alternative grey trouser and navy blue blazer, so make your life easier by just swapping these colours/items over. This is a great summer look which is just as adept with a cream blazer. I have suggested going with suede loafers to finish the outfit and would ideally leave my socks at home, but that is just my opinion. If you do, just don’t mistakenly flick your shoes off under the desk and clear the room in minutes.

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