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Jil Sander To Work With Uniqlo Again

uniqlo jil sander 2011
Image from the 2011 +J collection

German designer, Jil Sander is resurrecting her partnership with Japanese brand, Uniqlo. For AGR, this is welcome news in these turbulent fashion times. Considering her focus on minimalist clothing for men and women, it also seems like the optimum time for the collaboration to kick into gear ahead of its release this fall.

The recent months have limited our expression of style and fashion as so much of our time has been spent indoors. Now, with restrictions lifting, will we see a movement towards less high-fashion and more functional and versatile clothing? The type of clothing that makes you presentable for Zoom calls, but comfortable to allow you to work from your home.

Uniqlo explains the forthcoming range as “versatile, exceptional” and “[defining] the global modern uniform with understatement and ease.” This dovetails both Jil Sander’s focus on minimalist and Uniqlo’s ability to offer quality clothing at a great price.

The original +J collaboration between Uniqlo and Jil Sander ran from 2009-2011 and featured deftly simple design, with elevated touches from the designer.

This new collection could just be the remixed work wardrobe the world is waiting for.

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