Introducing The New High Tech Jacket

Sam Brady

Levi's has a history of testing boundaries around wearable tech. They released the Commuter jacket around two years ago offering the user wearable tech, but with a hefty price tag (around £300).

The brand has announced the release of new jackets utilising the tech provided by Google's Project Jacquard. A small Jacquard tag turns the sleeve into a touch-sensitive remote for phones. The wearer can then use gestures to perform actions.

It is step up from the previous Commuter jacket and feels like it has a broader audience base. The Commuter was focused on those travelling to work, especially by bike. Price-wise it is cheaper, and the style is much more appealing than the Commuter. It feels like it would sit unnoticeably in any current Levi's range. This is largely due to Levis giving up on the idea of weaving the technology through the jacket. Instead, they opted for a jacket made as it would typically. Then the small Jacquard tech piece is slid into the cuff of the left sleeve.

close up of jacquard levis sleeve

Device slots into the cuff of the left sleeve

jacquard by google device

The small Jacquard by Google device

The technology itself gives the user access to ride-sharing apps, weather and traffic reports as well as messages and music. But, whether it overtakes the need for something like a smartwatch which can do that, and more remains to be seen. I don't think we have seen the best of what wearable technology has to offer, but this is a step in the right direction.

Launch date is set to be this Autumn, with prices starting around £180


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