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How To Tame a Cowlick

tame a mens cowlick

Not unlike our skin, men’s hair can throw up a multitude of small annoyances that can hinder you looking your best every day. One of those that I find personally bothersome is the cowlick. It has been a part of my hairline for as long as I remember.

As a child you aren’t troubled by these small hair nuances, but as soon as the teenage years hit, they become huge. Since this time, I have spent countless hours trying to tame the cowlick so it became a part of my required haircut and not a human antenna protruding in the opposite direction. Through blind persistence and product trial and error there is fortunately some tips men can use to get the cowlick under control.

Use A Blow Dryer

Teasing the roots of the cowlick with a blow dryer can help to force it in the direction you would like it to go. Typically after a shower your hair is easily manageable and will sit in the required hairstyle. It is only once it starts drying that the problems begin. So when your hair is still a little wet use a blow dryer and hairbrush combo to sweep the hair in the right direction. Paying close attention to the roots should help enormously in this hair battle.

Try A Different Brush

If like most men you use a traditional comb or brush then I would advise exploring alternatives to get a better finish. Take note of the brush used by your barber or hairdresser for example to understand what tools work better with your hair. Remember they are the experts and are faced with challenging hair every day. A round brush is normally better suited for cowlicks with most men’s styles as it is steadfast in holding hair in place when heat is applied.

Hair Straighteners

I wouldn’t suggest using these all over, unless you’re favouring a look from an early 2000’s boyband (not advised). But using specifically on the cowlick, it should apply enough concentrated heat to make it malleable when used with some additional product.

The Right Product

Do your research and find the product best suited for your hairstyle. If it is texture but with hold then maybe a matte clay is best for you for example. Remember even though products can be broken into category types; gel, pomade, clay etc. They still have a variety of strengths but with a caveat of outcomes like wet-look or a 50’s shine. So this is purely trial and error. But if the product you are using gives you the right overall look but without the taming strength then it might be time to look elsewhere.

Just Go With It

I know this might be hard to swallow, but sometimes you have just got to know when you are beaten. I personally spent years parting my hair the opposite way to the cowlick because that was my preferred style. In the end I realised I got a much better look by going ‘with’ the cowlick and ignoring my preconceptions on what would have suited me.

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