How to Match a Grey Waistcoat With Navy Suit

A perfect colour combination in menswear is grey and navy. Learn how to find the best fitting grey waistcoat for your navy suit.
Sam Brady

Every man wants a fluid and interchangeable wardrobe. Being able to mix and match clothing seamlessly will not only keep your daily outfits looking fresh but also prolong the life of your garments. Thus, getting more bang for your buck. But, it isn't always that simple. Playing with textures and colours can become a minefield for men. So, we hope to guide you through one of the best combinations, navy and grey.

These colours are a timeless partnership but have also remained relative within the world of menswear. Just think of David Beckham at Harry and Megan's wedding. I'm sure many men were copying his navy suit with a double-breasted grey waistcoat at their next formal event after that.

With its consistent use among some of the most stylish men, why not try it as an office suit refresh or a formal wedding outfit.


We rave about fit, and we might as well have it tattooed on us. It is because, without fit, any outfit will immediately lose style points. You could have the nailed colourways, but, if that waistcoat is too loose or the shoulders of the jacket are sitting slightly off, then it will bring down the whole ensemble.

The fit of the waistcoat should be snug but not have tension pulling on the buttons. The length will sit about an inch below the waistline of the trousers, and show absolutely no shirt material even when the bottom button of the waistcoat is undone — a rule of thumb used for both a single or double-breasted vest. Like with suit jackets, we always advocate that the bottom button is never fastened. It allows for more movement, and overall you will feel more relaxed when wearing it.

On the rear of the waistcoat, you don't want too much excess material bunching, just a nominal amount. Too much means it might feel irritable when wearing, and it could also affect the drape of the suit jacket worn over the top.

A waistcoat is excellent for men that want to create a slimming silhouette. If that is important to you, then the fit becomes even more imperative.

Single or Double-Breasted

Choosing between a single or double-breasted waistcoat depends mainly on your taste but also your surroundings. A double-breasted vest is much more formal than a single one. When worn with contrasting colours, it is evocative of the top and tails that are worn on a wedding day. So, if you are not attending a wedding, then we would suggest opting for a single-breasted version.

Colours and Patterns

For confident men, they might opt for a houndstooth waistcoat with a plain navy jacket. Others might prefer to keep both without a pattern to avoid difficulties. We stress there is no right or wrong way for this. Light or dark grey can be an excellent contrast to the navy. But, if you are unsure or approaching with a little trepidation, then look for similar tones. Both navy and grey are great for absorbing colours and textures. Some brands already style these colours together on their websites or in-store, taking away the hard work.

Editors Note
If you choose a waistcoat with your outfit, then avoid a belt. Purchase trousers with a side adjuster or wear braces. If a belt is worn, it can crowd the waistline ruining the overall silhouette.

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