12 Grooming Mistakes For Men To Avoid

Having a consistent grooming routine is a key component for men to always look their best. Partnering nice clothes and accessories with a grooming regime will keep you looking in prime condition. But, with busy personal and professional lives, it can be easy to slip into bad habits. We can overlook certain elements of our […]
Sam Brady

Having a consistent grooming routine is a key component for men to always look their best. Partnering nice clothes and accessories with a grooming regime will keep you looking in prime condition.

But, with busy personal and professional lives, it can be easy to slip into bad habits. We can overlook certain elements of our regime or put them off for a later date. The result is an outward appearance that isn't at its finest and when we can often find ourselves in close proximity to others, this could bring some unwanted attention.

By avoiding these common grooming mistakes you will ensure you look your presentable best. As we know, looking great can bring a surge in confidence and positivity and we can all do with a bit of that right about now.

1. Dirty Nails

In the mid-20th century, men used to take immaculate care of their nails, regularly attending beauty salons to have their cuticles tidied up.

Over time the insistence on men to take as much care of their nails has reduced. But, that doesn't mean we should leave them out of our grooming routine.

To stop your nails from looking dirty there is a simple tip. Keep a nail brush in the shower and give them a quick scrub every morning. This will help prevent any build-up of grim under the nails.

Going further, make sure your nails are kept to a good length by regularly trimming them.

2. Too Much Aftershave

Walking down the street, no man or woman wants to breathe in a large waft of someone's aftershave. Being a gentleman is about having a touch of class and reserve in both your clothing choices, etiquette and grooming regimes.

The best colognes will last for hours if not all day and a little goes a long way. So, apply a small amount to the chest and dab behind the ear before you put on your clothes.

Your loved one will much prefer getting a wonderful smell of your aftershave when they lean in to greet you rather than needing to open the windows when you walk through the door.

3. Overgrown Back Hair

Your barber doesn't only do a solid job on the top of your head. He attentively cleans up stray hairs from the side and back of your neck.

Men with thicker hair tend to have a greater problem with hair travelling up from their back to their neck. But, the last thing we want is to see stray hairs sticking out above the collar of your shirt.

Thankfully, it doesn't take a trip to the barber to keep on top of this. A good beard trimmer can easily be used to do the job in-between cuts.

4. Unkempt Facial Hair

Facial hair can come in a range of styles. From the tache, to stubble or even a full-on beard. Whatever you have chosen, make sure you keep on top of the length. 

Your daily routine will change depending on how you like your facial hair. Men with a beard or moustache need to be cutting the edges on an almost daily basis. While going over the thicker bush of the beard with a beard trimmer will keep the hairs at a single length and make the beard look more presentable.

Those will stubble need to hit the sweet spot with their length and stick rigidly to it. As stubble grows it can easily start to look unkempt. So, remove the loose hairs that grow on the upper cheek or neck and give all the stubble a once over every other day.

5. Not Styling Your Hair

We still live in a world where a lot of opinions are based on first impressions. Not taking the time to style hair properly may evoke the image of a man that doesn't take care in his appearance. And if he doesn't take care in his appearance will he take care of his work or personal life.

By adding a few more minutes into your morning grooming routine to style your hair can make a big difference to your outward appearance.

Whether you believe in the preconceived notions of appearance being an indicator of work ethic or not. We want men to look their best from their heads to their toes every day.

6. Too Much Hair Product

The opposite of not styling can be just as detrimental on your appearance. Too much product on your hair can be a real turn-off.

A lot of this can be put down to education.

Not knowing what is the best product for your hair can lead to using too much of the wrong one to try and get the desired look.

The same could be said for the wrong haircut. You might not have the style that suits your face shape or are trying to force your hair into a particular style. Sometimes it's ok to accept defeat and go in a different direction.

Talk to your barber and discuss what they recommend for both styles and products. Remember, they are the experts.

7. Not Taking Care of Your Eyebrows

This could be overly bushy eyebrows or as far as a monobrow. We implore you to find the time to maintain good eyebrows.

Eyebrows are a very expressive feature on a man's face. We arch them when we smile and furrow them when angry. It stands to reason that they can bring a lot of attention.

To keep your eyebrows in check, it doesn't take a mammoth task. Some quick maintenance regularly can ensure they look their best.

Find out what the best eyebrow arch should be for you face shape and don't remove any further across than the bridge of your nose in-between. An eyebrow trimmer can help keep on top of, particularly bushy pairs.

8. Ignoring Nose and Ear Hair

This is so incredibly easy to keep on top of, it is unfathomable that anyone would let this get out of hand. In no way is hair protruding from your nose or ear an attractive sight.

Typically, men are taller than women. So, do you want her getting an eyeful of your nose bush every time she looks up at you?

Didn't think so.

Take a quick reconnaissance mission in the bathroom mirror and make sure you purchase an ear and nose trimmer. They are cheap but incredibly very effective.

9. Not Hydrating Your Skin At Night

At night is when your skin has the longest time to rejuvenate without interruption. Making sure you hydrate your skin with a moisturiser will help nourish the cells and promote the creation of new (fresher looking) skin cells.

What to use at night to hydrate your skin for the uninitiated can take the form of a simple moisturiser. You might already be using one in the morning, but hadn't thought about trying at night. Or, it might be a specific night cream. These are typically heavier but will get absorbed deeper into the pores. 

For a deeper look at starting a skincare regime, you can read our simple 3-step plan.

10. Shaving Against The Grain

Nothing else can lead to a world of skin issues post-shave than shaving against the grain. By grain, we are talking about the natural direction of the hair.

There are fortunate men out there, that to them this won't be a problem. They are blessed with thick hair that can be shaved either way.

But, the majority of men won't fall into this camp.

Shaving against the grain can force the razor to tug out the hairs. This leads to ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

If you feel that going with the grain is not giving you a close enough shave then rethink your shaving routine and the products you are using.

11. Dandruff

There are a few different reasons that men have dandruff. Too often, we see men brush it off (literally), only for the situation to get worse. Before long, you are in the middle of a snowstorm with no end in sight.

Start by trying to get to the route of the issue. Dandruff can be because of a dry or sensitive scalp for example and this can often be easily rectified.

Firstly, cut down on the amount of product you use during and post-shower as it might be irritating the scalp. Specialist shampoos can be used on sensitive scalps to reduce flakes, while a simple anti-dandruff version might be all you need.

If the problem persists, then this might be something more medical-related, so seek advice from a GP.

12. Hiding Thinning Hair

When of the most confidence-kicking signs of ageing for men is losing their hair. Some men might see this gradually at the temple, others might see a greater loss here and on the crown. Either way, it can make a man self-conscious.

Of course, there are medical procedures that can prevent and even regrow hair in places that we are prone to losing. But, they come at a cost.

A lot of men, when they start losing their hair, they start to grow it longer to cover up or distract from the loss. The problem, this will only bring more attention to the area.

If you are suffering from hair loss then a change of haircut can ensure you go about it gracefully. A good barber can add thickness in places or recommend a style that will complement the new hairline shape.

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