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Cold Head? – The Search for the Right Winter Hat


It is starting to frustrate me that I can’t seem to find a winter hat that suits me. Maybe with my advancing years and decreasing hairline it has made the necessity for keeping my head warm ever more important. The missus seems to pull off her new beanie with effortless style whilst I go through the familiar scenario of marching through a menswear store to the accessories department and within 12 seconds have realised that nothing looks good on me.

And then there is the added humiliation with the accessories department conveniently located close to the till point so that every customer with time on their hands as they wait to pay can entertain themselves as I speed date with the hat offering.

“Nope…looks like I’m hiding a toblerone on top of my head”

“Nope…look like Joe Pesci in Home Alone”

“Nope…now I look like the crazy bird lady from Home Alone 2” (note to self, Home Alone has no style inspiration unless you are 8 years old)

I think I am over complicating things, what I need to is buy a simple plain navy blue beanie.

The Oversized Beanie

These were very popular a few years back and offer men somewhere to store their wallet to keep their hands free. I used to own one, but found I spent a lot of time flattening it down at the back whilst ensuring it covered enough of the top of my head but not too much. Still favoured by the youth of our nation I would leave this to those youngsters unless you are one of those youngsters which in that case get rid of the fake Jamaican accent and no if you sit on your hand it doesn’t feel like someone else is doing it!

Adorned with Graphics or Writing

Never understood this unless you are are supporting your favoured sports team. Especially those guys that wear humerous (debatable!) wording across their foreheads, they should just go with DICK and save me the trouble of trying to think of something clever to write. If you are thinking about buying one you probably 1. Own a pair of white hi-tops 2. Live in Shoreditch 3. Have or have recently sported a man bun.

Cable Knit

I think this is my choice. It gives me the warmth without looking to much like I catch fish for a living, but now I just need to find out who has it in stock.

Below is some men’s hat inspiration to digest, and yes it is debatable whether the bottom right is a very dark navy or black. But hey it’s my choice and I say navy!

navy blue beanie

Here at AGR we have picked out some of the best navy blue beanies for you to peruse at your leisure:


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