A newly released book about Bentley delves into the history of the iconic car manufacturer.

Founded in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley, the car company has had a massive impact on the industry through its use of innovation. Bentley is known for their best-in-class automobiles, and the book will feature 100 of their most important and groundbreaking models. These include the 1924 3-Litre, the first Bentley to win Le Mans and the 1959 S2. The first to feature a V8 engine. It will also feature more modern classics like the Continental.

bentley car book
bentley book

A newly released book about Bentley delves into the history of the iconic car manufacturer.

Founded in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley, the car company has had a massive impact on the industry through its use of innovation. Bentley is known for their best-in-class automobiles, and the book will feature 100 of their most important and groundbreaking models. These include the 1924 3-Litre, the first Bentley to win Le Mans and the 1959 S2. The first to feature a V8 engine. It will also feature more modern classics like the Continental.

interior bentley car book

The limited-edition book is housed in a hand-stitched leather-bound case befitting of the most exceptional library. With a price of $1,450, it is not one to be left on the coffee table

$1,450 from Assouline

A spellbinding fashion documentary has the power to pull back the curtain on this fascinating industry. For anyone looking to pursue a career in fashion, or have a love of the business,  a glimpse behind the scenes can be a real learning curve. You get to see the level of detail and commitment that goes into creating individual clothing in a couture collection or the stress of presenting a fashion catwalk show. Documenting the career of key figures can show the audience the toil that went into becoming a global fashion icon.

Documentary filmmaking is thriving thanks to investment from streaming channels like Netflix and Amazon. Filmmakers are given the time and resources to cultivate insightful and edge of the seat dramas from real-life protagonists. 

Our collection of the best fashion documentaries features everything from the most famous designers to the man behind some of the most liked street style photography ever.

7 days out documentary

7 Days Out

Not ignoring the rest of this documentary series, but we are focused on one episode. 7 Days Out explores the behind-the-scenes build-up to key events. In particular, this shows us the lead-up to Karl Lagerfeld's SS18 couture fashion show for Chanel.



An insightful look into the rise of London fashion icon, Lee McQueen. This documentary showcases his beloved and most controversial fashion shows intertwined with archive footage and testimonials.


mcqueen fashion documentary
bill cunningham new york doc

Bill Cunningham New York

A man who was the staple of Fashion Week and an iconic contributor to the New York Times features in this documentary. Bill Cunningham was the original street style photographer.


Paul Smith: Gentleman Designer

An official documentary from fashion man Paul Smith. It shows his rise from humble Nottingham roots, to worldwide inspirational menswear designer.


paul smith film
ozwald boateng show

Ozwald Boateng: A Man’s Story

The man that shook up the stuffy world of Savile Row in the 90's. There is no denying Boateng's flair for colour. This decade long documentary features a host of famous faces endorsing his tailoring skills.


Abstract: The Art of Design

Season 1, episode 2 interviews Tinker Hatfield. For those that don't know him, he is the iconic designer of some of the most famous Nike shoes, including numerous Air Jordans.


abstract tv show
the true cost film

The True Cost

Sweatshops and exploitation are not normal the hot topics when people talk about the fashion industry. This film turns the camera on the real cost of mass production fashion.


The First Monday in May

The Met Gala is a phenomenal event in the fashion calendar. Here you get a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the event from guest invites to the Met's carefully curated exhibition. Or did you think it was just about the Kardashians!


first monday in may show
boy who made shoes for lizards mens

The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards

Manolo Blahnik is one of the most famous shoemakers in the world. An illuminating look at a man whose obsession with shoes started at a young age.



Offering an insightful look into designer Dries Van Noten life. Filmed over a year, it takes a look at both his personal and professional life as he creates four collections.


dries documentary

For those that struggle to sleep at night, studies have shown that writing in a journal can help to unclutter the mind. With thoughts and worries noted you could drift off to sleep more easily. So, there is no better time to get yourself a creative companion.

The Baron Fig starter kit

A notepad can become a trusted ally in life. A place to collate the mirage of thoughts and ideas we have daily. The Confidant Notebook by Baron Fig was created after consulting a range of worldwide thinkers. What were their expectations of a notebook or sketchbook?

Simplicity and functionality were critical to the product the Baron Fig team wanted to create. For example, the notebook is engineered and patented to lie completely flat, no matter which page you have turned to. Made with ideal density paper, you can choose from blank, ruled or dot grid pages.

If you have thoughts, then you are a thinker.

Available at baronfig.com

It is a dreaded scenario. The alarm clock goes off and you start stirring, your brain clicks into place and starts running through the list of jobs you need to get done at home and at work that day. Pay that electricity bill, pick up dry cleaning, complete those budget forecasts for your boss. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Right then all you want to do is curl into the foetal position, put the duvet over your head and avoid the outside world till at least lunchtime.

Including some time saving hacks in you morning routine can help to free up some valuable time. Starting the day with a good breakfast and some exercise for example will make a massive difference to both your mood and stamina.

1. Wake To Music

Preset your phone or alarm clock to a song that really gets you pumped. Maybe it is a cheesy 80's classic that you can't help but singalong to, or a hip-hop favourite that gets you on your game. Either way, adding music to the daily routine is a sure-fire way to get you up and out of bed. Thus meaning no wasted time hitting snooze every ten minutes until you have eaten into all your shower time and run the risk of getting to work half dressed.

2. Move Your Alarm

This might seem weird, but having to get out of your bed to turn your alarm off, will mean men are less likely to get back under the sheets. Just remember that if you have a tendency to deep sleep and have missed the alarm, then you could get the neighbours banging on the wall.

3. Upgrade Your Coffee Maker

Still staring at the kettle bleary eyed waiting for it to boil? You are basically one step more evolved then a caveman. Take the opportunity to upgrade to a coffee machine like a Nespresso or a Tassimo. A simple coffee pod will give you a barista style latte, espresso or macchiato in no time whatsoever. It not only leaves your hands free to make breakfast but will also give you a better tasting brew.

4. Pre-Plan Outfits

As a style conscious man I would highly recommend this. There is nothing worse than getting an outfit together in the morning only to find your shirt isn't pressed or your trousers are in the wash. Laying your clothes out, or even grouping together in your wardrobe the evening before will remove the time spent trying to piece together an outfit.

5. Organisation

Much like planning your outfits, getting everything you typically take with you to work or college in one place will be a lifesaver. Next to the front door, put your keys, wallet and bag. In your wallet is your bank card, travel card and work ID if required. This will mean no frantically searching for your bank card in the morning. Gladly removing any panic that you only might have enough cash to eat an outdated roll from the canteen.

6. Have Breakfast Out

Although I would always suggest sitting down to eat in the mornings. Some men might prefer eating on the run or at their desk later to save time. In this case make sure your cupboards and fridge are well-stocked with slow energy releasing foods like homemade granola, banana bread or healthy muffins. Time spent on a lazy Sunday baking these breakfasts in advance will mean knowing exactly what you are putting in your body, and ensuring you are kept fuller for longer in the mornings.

7. Save Social Till Later

We live in a digital age where we are constantly connected 24 hours a day. It is often a good idea to take the evenings and mornings to switch off from distractions. If you have an alarm clock then put your phone on charge in another room. When you wake in the morning, don't immediately rush to check your feed or see how many likes your last photo got. Before you know it, you will have wasted precious time getting distracted. Your journey to work or college will give you plenty of time to go through your social updates so use that pre-commute morning time more wisely.

8. Bathroom Routine

If you live with a partner or in an abode with a number of residents then, inevitably there is a crossover in peoples lives and routines. This could lead to the dreaded bathroom queue. Work out a routine with those that you live with so you can be more productive. If you have agreed to not be the first in the shower, that doesn't mean more sleep. It means you crack on with your morning coffee, iron your shirt or prepare breakfast for the both of you. Not only will you get more done but if she comes out of the shower to coffee and breakfast, you will definitely score some brownie points.

9. Remove Any Tension

Inevitably when getting the kids ready in the morning or juggling life living with a partner or friends, there are going to be times of tension. Dirty cutlery left in the sink or a toddler refusing to get dressed. Throwing fuel on the fire by getting annoyed or stressed is not going to help and will only lead to delays. Take a deep breath, keep your cool and stay focused with your morning routine. Take the opportunity to speak to people about their actions at a more convenient time, say in the evening. You will have calmed down by then and be able to approach the situation objectively.

In Conclusion

Altering both small and large elements of your daily routine will give men more time to focus on other pursuits. This is key to having a healthy and happily balanced life. Being fully awake and ready to attack the day will lead to a more productive outlook in both your professional and personal life. Which will be a benefit not only to you but those you share your life with.

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