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Bellroy Innovate With Recycled Plastic Bottle Range

The use of single-use plastic in our society has reached epidemic proportions. We have all seen images of marine life swimming around shopping bags or rivers clogged with bottles. So it is always a pleasure to highlight companies who are trying to have a positive impact on sustainability.

Bellroy, may to some be known as a company that fuses innovation with design to produce accessories that slot seamlessly into our modern lives. From slim-line wallets, backpacks and phone cases to pouches to organise your laptop accessories. But, were you aware of their commitment to reducing the number of plastic bottles ending up on landfills?

The Australian brand has announced that they plan to remove 7 million plastic bottles from landfills by 2021. How? They will chip and melt recycled PET water bottles. These will subsequently be woven into polyester yarn for use in their products. This is just the first step. Bellroy is researching a range of innovations when it comes to materials. The final result is to have 100 per cent of their products made from sustainable materials.

This is just the first step for us, and we are working hard on moving more of our materials in the range or other more sustainable materials that help us move towards our overarching environmental goals,

Andy Ghavifekr, Head of Bellroy Product Development

Any new products that can incorporate sustainable materials are highly commendable. Hopefully, this will help other brands take notice and realise that it is possible to produce nicely designed gear and not lose product quality while having a positive impact on the planet.

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