The popularity of the Cuban collar shirt rose dramatically in the 1950s when menswear icons such as Elvis Presley were seen wearing it. Before that, it had been a fairly functional piece of clothing with the open collar style helping to keep the wearer cool on hot days working outside. 

Over half a century later and the Cuban collar shirt has cemented its place as the top pick for the summer months. Full of laidback charm, the open-collar style makes it ideal for men when the mercury starts to rise. 

Full of nonchalant charm, men can use it as a way to add some colour, bold prints and,, importantly personality. As for all its perks, the heat can often starve men of style gravitas with heat-repelling functionality coming to the fore. This means any way we can add a bit of Latino rhythm to our top half, men should grab with both hands. 

What is the Cuban Collar Shirt?

It can sometimes go by other monikers such as “camp collar” or “revere collar shirt” but essentially it is defined by its flat collar and buttoned front. 

Typically the shirt is manufactured in a linen or cotton fabric. This along with its open collar and boxier fit makes it easier for air to circulate around the body and keep us cool. 

How To Style A Cuban Collar Shirt

The relaxed fit of this style of shirt evokes retro vibes and this is a trend we can tap into when styling it. 

Holiday attire in the 40s and 50s was still predominantly a button-down shirt. Welcome this inspiration and partner your shirt with some medium-length shorts and slip-on for a touch of Miami beach vacation from this period.

Alternatively, the Cuban collar shirt can easily sit somewhere between formal and casual as our social acceptions of how men dress have changed over time. So, take advantage of this and stick your shirt on top of a pair of formal trousers or chinos. For added vintage style notes keep it tucked in and opt for footwear like a penny loafer to hark back to days of old. 

The menswear market is chock-full of options when it comes to shopping for a ‘Cuban-collar” or ‘camp-collar” shirt. From botanicals to art and island-inspired picks we have selected the best pieces so you can pack that t-shirt away and start making a statement this summer. 

Best Cuban Collar Shirts For Men


Wax London

The brand's best-selling Didcot shirt is back in any new Amalfi red colourway. This relaxed-fit Cuban collar shirt is chock-full of summer vibe sd, yarn-to-yarn Indonesian Ikat techniques. The result is warm-weather-ready merchandise, perfect for summer.


Marks & Spencer

Summer is all about the botanicals, and they are out in force with this number from M&S. It is great value for money and will easily see you through the warmer months.



Crafted from 100% linen, this shirt from Percival piles on the holiday vibes with a flower design and coconut buttons. All we need now is the pina colada.


The Resort Co

A brand that only specialises in resort wear needs to have a Cuban collar shirt in its arsenal. This shirt is made from 100% linen and could easily be partnered with tailored trousers for a smart casual evening ensemble.


This cornfield yellow linen shirt from Sirplus has been made with a fluid cut to present a more comfortable fit. Layer with a crisp white vest, or as is, part of a hazy day outfit that screams that summer has arrived.


Go Barefoot

The tiger print on this shirt has been created by Hawaiian designers, and what doesn't say holiday mode engaged more than the Pacific island?


Suit Supply

For the right reasons, the Riviera trend is woven through much of menswear over the summer months. The pared-back style oozes continental sophistication, just like this Italian-made shirt from Suit Supply.


Private White VC

Made in Manchester, Private White VC has wistfully created an understated garment that will get a ton of wear from spring through to the tail-end of summer. From date night to garden party, this is a dependable piece that has been given a pale pink hue and added pockets to update a classic look.


Abercrombie & Fitch

Adorned with a bold flower motif and full of popping colours, partner with tailored shorts for a laidback summer look.


Massimo Dutti

Sometimes it doesn't all have to be about crazy prints. Men looking for a minimalist choice this summer should seek out this Massimo Dutti piece. The patch pockets and navy colourway are giving us Thunderball inspo. Pair with white trousers and espadrilles for a surefire warm-weather look.



A bold choice, this might not be for the faint-hearted among you. Reiss has brought a touch of South America to these shores with a crocheted striped Cuban collar-style shirt. Let's just hope the weather follows.



Add a dash of Dickie Greenleaf to your summer wardrobe with this pick from Mr. P. Adept at being styled a number of ways, we were drawn to the colour combinations finished with lustrous buttons.



This airy cotton and linen blend shirt brings a touch of fun to summer. Known for creating pieces men can wear again and again, this relaxed-fit shirt could just become your summer favourite.


Rag & Bone

Tailored from an airy towelling fabric, it is understated but impactful. This shirt is an elevated classic that can take you from a post-pool dip to an evening meal and beyond.


OAS Company

Honing their craft in the field of resort wear, OAS Company is a dependable pick for holiday gear. So, why not make a statement by the pool with their breathable waffle shirt? All you will need is a pair of tailored shorts to complement.


Sun Surf

The 1950s were full of boxier fit shirts, and this Hawaiian print from Sun Surf is full of vintage nostalgia. In an oversized style, it would look great with a wide-leg pair of chinos.



This workwear-inspired pick brings a touch of blue-collar America to the list. It is an everyday classic that would look great with denim or chinos.


Che Studios

This brand is always looking to the past as inspiration, and its best-selling Valbonne short sleeve shirt is no different. The boxy fit of this top gives it a relaxed vibe that stirs up connotations of balmy days by the water.


A Day's March

This is a touch of luxury for those summer nights, created from a cotton and cashmere blend. This piece will have you looking ready for anything wherever you find yourself chasing those last hours of sunshine.


Sunspel x Mr Porter

This shirt is part of the celebrated partnership between these menswear stalwarts and utilises a signature warp mesh. The same was used for a Riviera polo shirt worn by Daniel Craig as James Bond.

The classic grey trouser is a staple of any guy's wardrobe. A timeless colour choice, it is a step up from black in terms of versatility. Able to be finetuned to the greater breadth of men's colour palettes due to its abundance of shades, patterns and tones.

With its subtle finishes, men sometimes feel overwhelmed when choosing what to wear with their grey trousers. So, in this guide, we have brought together some of our favourite colour combinations. These matches will cover the basic principles of a great look before moving on to something more experimental. The result will be a greater knowledge of what colours pair nicely with grey and how to incorporate them into a look for various occasions.

How to colour match grey

When approaching what to wear with your grey trousers, it is important to consider the tone and pattern of your chosen pair, as some colours will only complement certain shades of grey. 

Light to mid-grey trousers is your most versatile option. They will partner with more colours while not being as restrictive to a particular season. Charcoal, for example, has a richer, darker tone that lends itself to fewer colours and is considered a more autumn/winter palette.

An excellent rule of thumb is to keep the top and bottom in a similar tone. That means a lighter grey would pair nicely with a lighter top colour, with the alternate being true of a darker shade of grey.  

What to wear with grey trousers

To deliver that desired look of presentability, then men will often turn to a shirt. In the smart or smart casual realm, a shirt with grey trousers can have a polished finish. This is a considered choice that can cover a mix of events. But men can push the boundaries further with grey due to its adaptability.

In a casual setting, men can pick a more relaxed trouser option such as a chino or jeans. The result won't be as smart as with formal trousers, but it allows us to integrate more understated elements easier. T-shirts, hoodies or workwear-inspired jackets. All are considered less formal, though if men can ensure the fit is right, the overall finish is practical and stylish.

Naturally, our preference always sways towards a smarter look. Though, we don't always have to stay as restrictive as suits. Grey trousers give men a chance to introduce textured knits, printed shirts or smart casual polo shirts, all while playing with separates to bring a contemporary feel to smart dressing.

Discover some of our favourite looks, including the timeless grey trouser.

Pini Parma

White Shirt with Grey Trousers

As safe as it comes, a white shirt is the first top in a man's wardrobe because it goes with literally anything. The white shirt can take whatever you throw at it, and grey trousers are no exception.

Whether it is a dark or light tone of trousers, it doesn't matter. This failsafe combination is the ultimate jumping-off point. It can sometimes look a little stale, but thankfully there is enough space to add interest. This could come in the form of a shawl cardigan in winter or a more lightweight shacket in spring. Either way, there is enough room to add some personality.

Navy Blazer and Grey Trousers

Another tried and tested pairing, grey trousers and a navy blazer, can be a default tailored look that offers a nice alternative to a full suit.

The tones for this look are best suited to something a little darker on the bottom half, as it will sit nicer with the navy hue. Underneath the blazer feel free to be as formal or casual as you like. Men can get away with polo shirts and even t-shirts as long as there is harmony with the drape of the blazer and the footwear choice. A suede penny loafer for example perfectly strikes the balance between smart and casual.

Simon Crompton of Permanent Style

Light Blazer and Grey Trousers

In the warmer months, men might feel the need to lighten their tailoring and switch muted tones for a lighter colour palette. Grey trousers can be your rock in this situation.

Not every guy wants to go full-pastel or beige in the summer. So, a darker shade of grey trousers can ground the lighter jacket option to keep the outfit elevated and more formal. Just make sure to balance out the two contrasting shades with a white or light blue shirt to bridge the gap between them.

Thom Sweeney

White T-Shirt and Grey Trousers

Switching a formal shirt for a casual alternative can still create an appealing look. The key is in nailing the fit, Both on top and below, we need the pieces to be fitted without being too tight. So, no matter if you have chosen a grey pair of jeans or grey chinos, the overall aesthetic is still a considered one.

With changes in opinions to formal wear in the office environment and less need for suits due to working from home. This could strike a nice balance for those men that don't want to become too slobbish while presenting a relaxed version of themselves.

Grey Trousers and Printed Shirt

A printed shirt is a great way to introduce a bit of fun and colour to our wardrobes during the summer months. Men often revert to a default holiday mode of shirt and shorts to carry it off. There is another way.

By utilising the layered appeal of grey trousers, men can absorb the impact of the bolder shirt choice without straying too far into casual. The image above is a perfect example of how we can include a printed shirt into a contemporary tailored look without becoming too cliched. The navy blazer further accentuates the smarter approach while dragging the printed shirt up the formality scale.

Peter Zottolo @urbancomposition

Grey Trousers and Pastel Polo Shirt

Worn as part of a suit or on its own, a pastel polo shirt with grey trousers is the ideal spring-summer combination. The pastel colour softens the grey trousers while offering a nice change to the safe choice of navy.

What colour of pastel you choose is up to you. For those brave enough, a nice pink hue will bring some nonchalant Italian flair, while blues and greens might be more palatable to those men wanting a refined pick.

Suit Supply

Grey Trousers and Grey Knitwear

A tricky ensemble to get right. Blocking the same colour on top and bottom will always throw up some issues with the finished look. That is if we forget the basics of giving some definition between the two elements.

One way guys can create contrast is through darker and lighter greys. This is the easiest and surefooted way to produce the desired outfit. Another way is to play with texture. In cooler months, the look and feel of knitwear within our tops can show an expert touch in styling.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Grey Trousers and Navy Shirt

We have already presented how navy and grey are a match made in heaven. So, why not play with the tones? Rather than the darker grey as before, we have picked a lighter shade of grey for the trousers, keeping the richer navy on top. This creates contrast, the second proven method for styling these trousers.

This combination can be won as part of both smart or casual looks as long as men stick to the clear definition between upstairs and downstairs.

Permanent Style

Green Shirt with Grey Trousers

This might be pushing some men out of their comfort zone, but it can be an absolute hit if you can master it. I would caveat that more vibrant colours compliment those with a darker complexion, so maybe avoid them if you are a pasty white bloke like me.

If you are lucky enough to have the skin tone to pull this off, then lean into it and embrace it. Like the stylish man in the picture, you could always layer with a white vest as an artful way to counteract the vibrancy. But, in the summer, why not take your foot off the brake?

Kit Blake

Navy Polo Shirt with Grey Trousers

The navy polo shirt is a staple of the most stylish wardrobes, a nice fallback and a great way to breathe new life into more formal outfits. Unabrasive, the standard fit can replace a shirt and still provide an elevated look.

Play with the style and fabrics of your navy polo shirt to see how you can produce slightly mixed results. For example, a polo shirt with the buttons removed would be more summer-focused and can bring a pinch of Rivieira-chic to the city. Alternatively, a long-sleeved polo shirt in merino wool or cashmere will have your back as we move into the colder periods of the year. Whichever way you choose, grey trousers and a navy polo shirt will never disappoint.

When it comes to the world of luxury swimwear for men, thankfully, there isn't a budgie smuggler or board short in sight. Resort wear has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and now men can choose from a wide range of sophisticated pieces. With superior fabrics and fits that aim to flatter rather than just cover. Swimwear is now a key piece of your holiday luggage and no longer an afterthought.

With this explosion in refined swimwear, we want to hone in on those who specialise in the field, or should we say water. Sure, you can pay over the odds for a designer pair of swim shorts. But, for us, it is all about investing in luxury pieces expertly crafted by dedicated brands.

Swimwear isn't confined to the pool these days. It is a statement item that can be integrated into various outfits. Here are our picks of the brands that fulfil the brief of providing luxury swimwear that combines style and quality.


Peninsula realises it is contradictory for a swimwear brand not to care for the oceans and seas their products experience when being worn. That's why they actively support charities like WWF and Marevivo to protect the earth's waters.

Founder Edoardo Pasolini has always had a strong connection to the sea, particularly the Maremma coast in Italy. As a homage, Peninsula swimwear features vibrant Majolica prints throughout much of its range.

The brand's environmental concious follows right through the manufacturing process, using an eco-friendly printing process combined with recycled polyester for many products.


Those men familiar with the pages of AGR will know we are big fans of Aurelien. Yes, they are typically known for their footwear, but they have stretched beyond that to touch on premium resort wear, including these stunning tailored shorts.

Aurélien was founded in 2015 by Dutch brothers Joris and Philip Hetterschijt. With a considered approach to timeless design made using artisanal craftsmanship, the brand is known for its Mediterranean-style menswear thoughtfully created for a discerning customer base.

OAS Company

Founder Oliver Lundgren conceived the idea for a new resort brand after trips from where he lived in Sweden to his holiday home in Barcelona during the winter.

He started with espadrilles that couldn't be found locally back home, and buoyed by their popularity, expanded his offering. The OAS product range now includes a raft of swimwear and accessories. All are delivering Scandinavian aesthetics with a dash of Spanish influence.

The Resort Co

It does exactly what it says on the tin. The Resort Co is a brand on a mission to deliver everything you need for your summer vacation. With a strong focus on artisanal techniques using sustainable materials, the brand has an ethos we are on board with.

The key selling point for The Resort Co is their luxury products aren't restricted to the pool. Men will love their tailored shorts in a range of designs. They are perfect for transitioning from the pool to a restaurant or bar, with a linen shirt thrown on top.

Founded in 2019, the brand has a modern approach to everything they do, nodding to its Scandinavian heritage. We are definitely a fan of their mindset for a never-ending holiday.

Frescobol Carioca

Two friends, Harry Brantly and Max Leese, were inspired by the beaches of Brazil and launched a brand selling the bat and ball used for the game "frescobol".

The company has now evolved to become a swimwear brand famed for its elevated masculine designs. Throughout their products is woven a strong use of patterns and colours to transport men to the beaches of the South American country.

Notably, the brand also uses 'Eco Luna'. The fabric is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, and this combination of sustainability and bold swimwear makes Frescobol Carioca a winning resort brand for us.

Derek Rose

British brand Derek Rose is a family-run business three generations in the making.

The brand's premium swimwear is designed to be both stylish in and out of the water. Backed by an in-house pattern and design team, men can be sure that these pieces are worth the investment. The products are crafted from quick-drying, super-soft fabrics, and the shorts are built with a comfortable waistline and seamless inner linings.

Orlebar Brown

Orlebar Brown was launched in 2007 by Adam Brown. The brand has a focus on pared-back, elegant swimwear that takes inspiration from styles of the past. They almost single-handled drove the tailored short phenomenon in summer menswear. Something I think we can all applaud them for.

All swim shorts from the brand comes with a five-year guarantee. Meaning men can feel secure that they are spending astutely. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your holiday gear today.


This Stockholm brand has a strong vision for creating consciously made garments. Designed in Sweden and manufactured in Europe, sustainability is a thread woven throughout the brand's pieces, and their luxury swimwear is no different. Each item is future-orientated, using environmentally friendly materials and processes.

Founded in 2016, CDLP started attempting to revolutionise the underwear market before branching out into swimwear with a range of monochromatic shorts using Econyl. This nylon fibre made in Italy comes from ocean and landfill waste.

Now men can shop a wider range of swimwear, including briefs and trunks in holiday-ready hues of coral, all with the knowledge that they are buying from an ethically-focused brand.


New York brand, Benibeca, was created to provide men with a destination for contemporary luxury, focusing on resort wear.

Inspired by art and culture, the founder, Anjara García, uses a career spanning over 20 years in fashion to create a brand worthy of her nomadic spirit. The name, Benibeca, is taken from a small fishing village in the Mediterranean, and the area's rich history in Menorca translates through the brand's designs.

Another brand that plucks plastics from the sea and transforms them into garments. For Benibeca, preserving the waters of the Mediterranean and beyond is an important ethos for the company.


Originally from St Tropez, the brand was founded by Fred Prysquel in 1971. And true to its home, it has all the vibrant, over-the-top designs you would expect from its hub in the South of France.

The luxury swimwear brand's shorts typically have a longer surfer style. Though the sheer volume of the brand's options means there is a raft of shorts with the shorter, more flattering fit, we would prefer.

They say the first thing someone notices about you is your shoes. And if your shoe colour doesn't match your suit, this could be unwanted attention.

Smart shoes are an investment, so we must approach them cautiously. Getting it wrong could leave men with a hole in their pockets and badly put-together outfits. Mastering which of your current crop of menswear goes best with each shoe colour. You'll wear your new shoes more often, and your money will be better spent.

Smart shoes and suits go hand-in-hand. So, it is the ideal place to start. This article will run you through the best suit and shoe colour combinations to refresh your daily rotations. Subsequently, through understanding the basics of what colours work better with others, men can use that as a starting point to start applying their own personality.

What colour shoes match a black suit?

black shoes and black suit men

The formality of a black suit lends itself to only a single shoe colour. Look no further than black. A sleek black-on-black combination should be your go-to. Anything else is a risk we don't recommend you take.

Black shoes with a black suit are uniform for black-tie events, and the no-frills Oxford shoe is preferred for this occasion. Outside of this, men can test loafers and brogues dependent on their mood.

For instance, a suede loafer is a great pick for an evening date where you might be switching the shirt out for a piece of knitwear. Suede and knitwear will create a refined look that has elements of texture.

What colour shoes match a navy suit?

A modern man's wardrobe staple, a navy suit is a chameleon of formalwear. Able to be dressed up or down on a whim, the colour is versatile enough to be worn with a few different shoe colours. 

Black shoes with a navy suit

Black shoes with a navy suit

There is an outdated style rule that black and blue shouldn't be worn together. This is a misguided accusation due to men struggling to match the tones of these two colours. 

The colour palette of navy and black is an underrated classic that should be in a guy's tailored arsenal. These darker shades complement each other due to their deeper tones and are ideal for smarter occasions.

Brown shoes with a navy suit

Brown shoes with a navy suit

A tried and tested combination, brown and navy, is a failsafe option with nuances. In colder months, brown leather shoes will see you through any event. While in summer, we can switch the leather for suede to offer a warm-weather alternative. Both are interchangeable, and this one has no hard and fast rule. 

As the Switzerland of suiting, navy delivers a neutrality that is hard to beat. We can go for rich chocolatey brown tones or light, almost beige shades for footwear. The navy colour can absorb both and still come out looking great. 

Burgundy shoes with a navy suit

Burgundy shoes with a navy suit
J Crew

To switch it up a little, men can look to burgundy or oxblood for a nice alternative. It is not as popular as brown or black, but it will showcase an astute understanding of colour matching.

This colourway really comes into play if you wear a lot of suiting. In this position, suits can become stale and uninspiring. So why not introduce this variant of colour shoe? It is perfect for an Autumn/Winter ensemble.

What colour shoes match a light/mid-grey suit?

As we step into summer, men can use lighter grey tones to brighten their suits without striding too far out of their comfort zone. It is more palatable than light blue or green but gives us more options than beige for our footwear. 

Black shoes with a grey suit

Black shoes with a grey suit
Todd Snyder

Pairing black shoes with our light grey suit is an ideal way to ground it and add some contrast. Black shoes are a tad smarter than brown, so make a nice choice for those that work in a formal environment.

Keep your shoe style classic with a brogue or Oxford toe to deliver a pared-back approach to business power dressing. 

Brown shoes with a grey suit

Brown shoes with a grey suit
Suit Supply

Brown shoes partnered with a grey suit are an easy way to add a twist to your tailoring. To nail this, reach for pastel shades that bring a fresher approach. Sure, the standard brown formal shoe won't let you down. But, a suede derby would bring a harmonious dash of modernity that could be your summer nuptials favourite.

Aside from wedding events, the more casual pastel shade of brown would play into a deconstructed suit outfit. Consider switching the formal shirt for a polo or plain tee to create a contemporary summer work outfit. 

What colour shoes match a charcoal suit?

In the depths of winter, a charcoal suit is a great way to bring texture to those chillier days. Compared to black, men get a greater chance to add interest through fabric choices and won't look like funeral guests. 

Black shoes with a charcoal suit

Black shoes with a charcoal suit
Suit Supply

These two colours are a timeless example of how men don't need to mess with what works. Sometimes just doing the basics, well, is all we need. Don't overcomplicate, and keep the dark tones of charcoal and black on par. They have your back. 

Dark brown shoes with a charcoal suit

Dark brown shoes with a charcoal suit
Polo Ralph Lauren

Again, we don't need to stray too far from conformity. Brown shoes, in this example, need to be kept in a similar colour tone. The darker, the better to match the richness of the charcoal suit. 

In the light of the day, brown shoes and a charcoal suit will create an elevated look perfect for winter days.

What colour shoes match a green suit?

Green suits are a quick way to update our suits for a seasonal refresh. In autumn, we can tap into the earthy tones of a darker shade of green, while in spring and summer, a lighter tone is preferred. Whichever way you wear it, there is a shoe colour to match.

Black shoes with a green suit

Black shoes with a green suit
Todd Snyder

Let the boldness of your suit colour do all the talking and keep the rest of the look simple yet effective. Black shoes are one way we can do this as long as men stay refined and sleek with leather. It won't draw the eye, ensuring the suit gets all the admiration.

Brown shoes with a green suit

Brown shoes with a green suit
Polo Ralph Lauren

Men can lean into the earthy tones of nature for our next combination. Green and brown evokes a sense of the outdoors and complement each other nicely.

An understated classic, a green suit with brown shoes has been a firm favourite of preppy-inspired brands like Polo Ralph Lauren and Drake's. Both are popular with the AGR team, and this is a partnership we are eager to try.

What colour shoes match a brown suit?

A brown suit might conjure images of stuffy geography teachers with patches on their elbows. The most revered tailoring companies have breathed new life into the previously unloved suit colour. Now we have options in a range of fits and fabrics to make this a menswear staple all year round.

Brown shoes with a brown suit

Brown shoes with a brown suit
New & Lingwood

The art of wearing a brown suit with brown shoes is that the outfit needs contrast. This could come from the tonal colour change between the suit and footwear or in the fabric of the components. Either way, it is important it comes from somewhere. A sea of brown in the same tone will not sit well. We need to define both elements clearly.

What colour shoes match a beige suit?

In the warmer months especially, beige is a brilliant way to show a clear change between our formal wear as the seasons change. During this period of longer days with more sunshine, our suiting should reflect this shift in the weather.

Brown shoes with a beige suit

Brown shoes with a beige suit
Charles Tyrwhitt

The ability to constantly reinvent a beige suit is part of its appeal. It can be your formal partner for work or a wedding in the summer or flipped for a smart casual vibe by introducing a t-shirt or printed shirt.

Contrast has been an important factor throughout this guide on colour matching. Again, we recommend having a distinct difference between the lighter suit colour and darker brown shoes for maximum synchronicity.

Types of shoes to wear with a suit


Some men only consider loafers as their suit companion when the weather gets warm. Yes, they are incredibly beneficial during this period, but a leather loafer can equally look great any time of the year.

From penny loafers to suede tasselled slip-ons, there is a loafer style for every guy. Whereas a penny loafer might help finish a preppy look, a suede loafer might see us touch down in Italy for our inspiration. The latter is a great example of how we can relax our tailoring through our choice of footwear.

Not as smart as a leather alternative, the suede loafer also has the ability to transition from smart to casual attire. Why not use it as a change to how your trainers with slim-fit denim for a retro smart casual look?

Oxford Shoes

The staple of formal dressing, an Oxford is the go-to footwear pick for nearly every suit and shoe combination. Its unassuming nature makes it a timeless option, typically the smartest style you can own. With that in mind, they are at their finest within a more formal ensemble.

A formal outfit with its refined silhouette means there is nowhere to hide with the Oxford shoe. So, ensure you maintain their structure with shoe trees, and polish them before use.


Most men will alternate between a brogue and their Oxfords for tailoring footwear. Both will give a polished finish, though the visible eyelets of the brogue shoe bring it a step down the formal ladder. Though just a touch.

In its natural environment of smart wear, the brogue is a dependable substitute for the Oxford with the ability to offer more personality than its formal cousin. However, there is also room to partner with jeans in the correct context. So, if you are looking for more bang for your buck, the brogue could just be the ticket.

Monk Straps

To break with formality, a monk strap does a stellar job at giving your footwear a twist, and every guy should have at least one pair in his wardrobe.

In either a single or double strap replacing the traditional laces, this shoe style is a touch more casual than a brogue. But don't let that stop you from trying a monk strap shoe out as you pair it with a suit.

Incorporate a monk shoe in suede with a super-soft linen suit for your own take on Italian dressing, especially if we replace the shirt with a relaxed polo shirt for a touch of Neopolitan dapper.

Minimalist Trainers

The changing attitudes around suits in the office have enabled men to embrace a more laid-back silhouette. Bringing to the fore the suit and trainers debate.

Ultimately, unless your dress code calls for smart, a minimalist trainer can easily be worn with your suit. Though, remember that the relaxed nature needs to follow through the entire outfit to really deliver. That means no restrictive shirt and tie on top. Keep it deconstructed by including a softer shoulder silhouette, and a knitwear, or t-shirt under the blazer.

With summer in full swing, there has never been a better time for men to embrace some colour. Stripping off the layers of previous seasons allows men to introduce colour and pattern in a more tactful way. The summer suit might be the last place you think about adding this. But, it can be an ideal way to upgrade your formalwear and brighten those daily rotations. 

Adding colour within our summer tailoring doesn't have to mean reaching for the cerise pink suit. Think lighter rather than brighter. Tonal hues of beige, cream or even light brown can all be used to soften our tailoring on hot days. 

Leave it to us to expand your sartorial horizons and show you our picks of the best summer suit colours. Styled right, it will enable men to draw the right kind of attention at all those seasonal events.

How to Style a Coloured Suit

Many men might find switching their safe navy suit for something more summery a daunting task. So, why make the whole affair more difficult than it needs to be? 

The safest way to introduce a different coloured suit is to keep the rest of your outfit within a neutral palette. A plain white shirt with a charcoal suit might feel a little conservative. But, with a pastel green suit, it provides a backdrop for the bolder colour to sing. Even subtly absorbing a piece of the vibrancy to make it more palatable. 

In a similar vein, men shouldn't try to over-accessorise. We want an understated, nuanced look. Bold pocket squares or sunglasses will distract the eye and make the outfit convoluted. Keep it pared-back and uncomplicated. 

Key Summer Suit Colours

Beige Suit

Easing you in gently, a beige suit should make the summer suit transition a pretty seamless experience. The colour is great for some warm-weather nuptials and blends perfectly with browns and whites. So, that daily white work shirt and brown brogues will save you from buying anything new.

We recommend a suede loafer on foot if you are in the market for new wares. It is less restrictive than a traditional shoe (like a brogue) and offers some continental flair. 

Accessorise a beige suit with a plain white pocket square. And ensure your sunglasses and belt (if needed) follow the same tonal brown palette for maximum effect.

Grey Suit

Another suit that can serve a myriad of dress codes is grey. Not your richer charcoal colour, something further along the other end of the scale. 

A light grey hue is, as always, a notable partner to white. But why not refresh your tailoring a little and introduce some tonal blues? This lighter shade of blue for a shirt would be a welcome refresh that instantly elevates your daily work outfit.  

To get greater wear from this colour, play with how mixing it within an outfit of tailored separates might breathe new life into it. Light grey trousers pair nicely with navy, or a light brown checked blazer

Mid-Blue Suit

Moving our tonal blues from our shirts to the entire suit is a surefire way to make a tailored statement this summer.

Incorporating a mid-blue colourway into our suits is a contemporary example of modern suiting. It shows a carefree spirit that should follow through to our chosen fabrics. Linen or a linen/cotton mix will bring a relaxed formality and movement to our suit that is ideal for this palette.

As we go deeper into the colour wheel of summer, it is important to stay grounded with our complimenting colours. We can always wear a beige or white shirt underneath but pick a Cuban collar for refined drama. 

White Suit

An all-white ensemble is a growing trend among stylish guys. In warmer climates, this white-on-white combination has a cooling effect, with the colour reflecting the sun's rays. Men need to pay heed to this inspiration to nail the look. 

The white suit will jar with the formality of a traditional dress shirt and tie. Evoke the spirit of the tropics by opting for a relaxed-fit shirt and summer footwear. A grandad or camp collar shirt would give us a breezy alternative for more formal events. The latter leaves scope to acquaint ourselves with a patterned shirt to invert the contrast.

If the dress code isn't as strict, why not stick a t-shirt underneath and leather sandals on foot for a real laidback vibe? 

Pink Suit

Naysayers might laugh at the idea of men wearing pink suits. However, it wasn't until the 20th century that the colour pink became known as a more feminine choice. Before that, all manner of men would wear the colour as a sign of masculinity.

To start wearing pink, make sure the palette is softer and less impactful. Peach or rose-pink will deliver a less striking effect while being delicate enough to be worn with other pieces in your wardrobe.

We like choosing a solid base note such as black shoes or a navy tie. This touch can hone the overall outfit and ensure it doesn't stray too far into Ken and Barbie land.

Green Suit

Lastly, we have chosen the green suit as one of our top picks for a summer suit colour. It has grown in popularity over the past few years and is now a firm favourite among some of the best menswear brands again this summer.

You might be more familiar with using green at other times of the year. And men can use the same principles in this lighter version. Colours like brown will complement without distraction within footwear, and a white shirt will be your safe haven on top. But why not experiment a little with beige or light grey alternatives? Heck, if you can't do it in summer, when can you?

Depending on the shade, men can transition to cooler days, still wearing this colour. Make sure it isn't too light, and use darker trousers and shoes to create a fuller, deeper palette mix.

Printed shirts are an easy way to introduce colour and pattern into our summer wardrobes. Previously, printed shirts like Hawaiian or Cuban collars would be unheard of aside from featuring in the holiday pics. Now even the more reserved men have full license to add some playful fun when the sun shines. And the world of menswear has followed suit with an abundance of patterned shirts to peruse. 

Though all that explosion of sensory decoration brings with it some issues. In a more urban setting, we don't have the tropical backdrop to let down our style guard. Men must be careful with what shirt they choose and how they style it.

Fear not. We are on hand to give men an eclectic choice of outfits where a printed shirt wouldn't look out of place. Read on to discover your new favourite summer outfit. 

How to Pick a Printed Shirt

Let's get the hardest part over quickly. When men shop for a new printed shirt, they must be mindful of the clothes they already own. 

If you are a guy who typically steers clear of colour the rest of the year, pick a shirt with a stronger base colour that you are more comfortable with. Think of a white or navy shirt with a printed design on top. It will be easier for you to digest and will work with more of the pieces you have in your wardrobe already. 

With any printed shirt, we want stylish over tacky. The design on the shirt should feature something tropical or timeless rather than lollipops or ice creams. You aren't five years old. 

We always recommend the readers of these pages go with quality over quantity. A rail full of cheap high street shirts might seem like money well spent, but they won't have the look or feel of something slightly more expensive. Fabric will be a big difference, with high street stores favouring the cheaper polyester over cotton or silk. The latter will do far better to keep you cool without smelling or falling apart after the first wear. 

How to Wear Your Printed Shirt

Printed Shirt and Shorts

Printed Shirt and Shorts

A printed shirt can elevate where a polo shirt might have sufficed in the past. Combining these two power players in summer dressing allows men to create an ensemble ready for the day ahead.

Choosing white shorts is a nice base colour for this look. They have a hidden ability to absorb the impact of bold designs on the top half while bing a frankly underrated colour choice for the bottom half.

Accessorise with a belt if you feel that the look needs that separation. At the same time, this kind of accessory can also soften the print by drawing the eye to the waist.

Printed Shirt and Suit

Printed Shirt and Suit

Deliver a masterclass in contemporary tailoring by switching the safe plain shirt for a printed one. This has its greatest success in the warmer months and is an ideal way to update your summer rotations.

Remember, we are going for understated brilliance with this look. Nothing too crazy, and make sure there is still harmony between the shirt and suit. This means typically opting for a suit with no pattern and choosing a shirt that has a smaller design.

Partnering a distinctive shirt with a suit will definitely take it a touch towards casual. So, maybe keep this one for a drinks event or date night to showcase how you can stand out from the crowd with confidence.

Printed Shirt and Wide-Leg Trousers

Printed Shirt and Wide-Leg Trousers

Wide-leg trousers came to the fore a few years ago and are not retreating without a fight. They offer a vintage twist to an outfit, and we should lean into this when layering a printed shirt on top.

Modern-day inspiration might come from Harry Styles, but we much prefer looking at those from the past. Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando were all in favour of this trouser fit. Pick a shirt with a Hawaiian vibe, worn over a vest and tucked in for added retro points.

If wearing it for a more casual date, then men should find trainers a suitable addition. Alternatively, look again at that bygone era of classic menswear with penny loafers. They will offer a nod to the past while keeping the overall look coordinated.

Printed Shirt with Sandals

Printed Shirt with Sandals

Bring the holiday vibes back with you by using sandals within a summer outfit. No, your decrepit flip-flops won't do for this one. We are looking for elevated dressing, so leather sandals should fit the bill.

There is a lot of freedom in printed shirts for this look. We can push the boundaries because we are taking our cues from our far-flung travels. The bolder, the better here. Though, keep the bottoms neutral. By using a solid colour for trousers, we can let the shirt be the hero piece and draw the eye upwards towards it.

Printed Shirt and Vest

Printed Shirt and Vest

We love to artfully use layering to add detail and interest. In summer, a white vest can neatly be worn beneath your patterned shirt.

Historically, vests have been worn as undergarments. Keeping us warm in the cold and adding a barrier to soak up sweat on hot days. Without our shirts buttoned to the collar, there isn't much need for the latter's attribute. We can still use the vest to contrast with our printed shirt to add a new dimension.

This outfit has to be done with a white vest, and we recommend a darker base colour for the printed shirt. But, to an extent, the same concept will work for a lighter-coloured, even white-printed shirt. The contrast between colours just won't be as prevalent.

Printed Shirt and Military Jacket
Robert Spangle for GQ

Printed Shirt and Military Jacket

The popularity of Hawaiian shirts was partly due to the American military stationed on the island during WW2. After the war, the laidback, open-collared nature of the shirt followed them home. Now they are everywhere.

Khaki and military-inspired jackets are a subtle way to remember that past and a notable partner to a printed shirt. Keep the jacket lightweight but with a utilitarian feel. That way, you'll get more use from it over the coming months.

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