Knitwear Care | 8 Simple Tips

Tips to keep your knitwear looking better for longer
Sam Brady

The colder months make a welcome change to the gent's wardrobe. It is a chance to envelop ourselves in chunky and luxurious knitwear. Building our style, one layer at a time. But, if we don't care for our knitwear correctly, we can make a bad impression.

Telltale signs such as bobbling or stretching can easily create a disdain for some of our favourite winter garments whilst doing a disservice to our well-thought-out looks.

With greater awareness of the impact, we have on our planet. Staying in love with our key menswear pieces ensure they have a longer more fulfilled life and a key part of this is taking good care of them.

Knitwear, though can be particularly tricky. The fabrics involved need individual attention, much more than their summer cousins.

By following these helpful tips, men can extend the life of their knitwear purchases whilst keeping them at their presentable best.

1. Fold, Don’t Hang

Pulling out a fresh, clean jumper only to find it hanging down to your knees is not a good look. This is why we need to fold, not hang, our knitwear. Hanging your knits in your closet will stretch the fabrics, especially those like wool or cashmere and lead to misshaping.

Having worked in retail, folding is second nature to me. But, if you struggle then there a lot of cool innovations to help you with this task. Fold, and store in drawers or on open shelves in your closet.

2. Get Rid

Knitwear care is not only looking after the products but also the environment in which the item is stored.

Remove unwanted pieces from your wardrobe and recycle or give to charity as you see fit. The goal is to create a wardrobe where more products work seamlessly together to always look good on you.

By removing excess clothing, we naturally develop more space which will help you in storing all your items better. Knitwear doesn't take kindly to being stuffed in a drawer or shelf. So, with all that additional space, you can now organise every clothing group to ensure they are being stored correctly.

3. Keep Moths at Bay

Moths are the enemy of any man's closet and have chomped through some of my favourite items of clothing in the past.

To help keep them at bay, yon can use lavender or cedarwood as a great way to repel moths. Most supermarkets or online marketplaces will sell cedarwood balls. Pop one in the drawer where your knitwear is folded to keep those pesky moths away.

4. Wash Properly

The knitwear fabrics are sensitive to washing and don’t take too kindly to being handled roughly. We prefer men take everything to the dry cleaners, but that can quickly become pricey.

If washing at home, ideally handwash, especially jumpers that include angora or cashmere. Check the cleaning label thoroughly, and if you need to use the washing machine then a cold wash or delicate setting should be fine.

Heat can cause shrinking, so avoid the dryer if possible. Spread the knitwear on a flat surface and let it dry naturally. Folding over an airing dryer can lead to creases, so try not to use one to minimise ironing.

5. Brush Daily

No, we aren't talking about your hair. Invest in a lint roller or clothes brush to ensure your knitwear looks on point.

Winter fabrics are like a magnet for loose hairs and other strands. So, instead of leaving the house covered in cat hair, brush your clothing. It will help your knitwear and everything you wear to appear more presentable.

6. Shave Regularly

Yes, this might sound like a trip to the barbers, but it is a vital cog in the ever-turning wheels of knitwear care.

You are no doubt familiar with the bobbles that occur on knits. These appear when two fabrics rub together and are particularly prevalent with jumpers. Well, there are tools out there to help remove them. An electric bobble remover will shear off those unwanted growths in a flash, keeping the knitwear looking smooth and fresh.

7. Grab a Comb

A clothes brush or electric bobble remover suits winter materials like merino and wool. But, the delicate fibres of cashmere need a specialist tool.

Any bobbles on cashmere can be combed out before washing with a cashmere comb. If they are proving extra difficult to get rid of, you can (carefully) use a razor to remove them.

Like with a shoe shine kit, considering the price of cashmere, it is well worth investing in professional tools to keep it and remove any appearance of wear and tear.

8. Master Summer Storage

Your knitwear care does not stop when the weather warms up. Yes, you won't be wearing thicker garments anymore, but you need to be storing correctly for when you need them again. For this seasonal storage, you stick to the above tips before storing. Remove garments you don’t need, cleaning appropriately and adding lavender or cedarwood to your chosen storage.

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