10 Must-Have Accessories For Winter

Making sure you are adequately prepared for winter is more than just taking the winter coat out of the closet. Men need to invest in additional accessories that are both functional and practical. The ideal choices should provide great warmth and weather protection but offer an opportunity to either upgrade or complement the clothing you […]
Sam Brady

Making sure you are adequately prepared for winter is more than just taking the winter coat out of the closet. Men need to invest in additional accessories that are both functional and practical.

The ideal choices should provide great warmth and weather protection but offer an opportunity to either upgrade or complement the clothing you wear with them. Just because winter is here, doesn't mean men should lose any of their style credentials along the way.

Winter brings with it a mix of weather, so have accessories that won't let you down. Our list of must-have winter pieces will stop you feeling the brunt of the colder temperature and shelter against downpours, all while ticking all the sartorial boxes. From ankle hugging thick gauge socks to rain repellent bags, these are our picks of the accessories we have in our cold-weather wardrobe.

The Beanie

Yes, other hats might look more dapper, but a beanie will hands-down offer the best warmth of any men's hat available. And if styled correctly, it can work into any outfit you are choosing to wear.

Not all beanies are created equal. The key is picking an item that suits your face shape and is crafted from breathable material to minimise overheating. Fabrics like merino wool and cashmere will do the job admirably. 

Why not take the opportunity to input some colour. A beanie will be a great way to balance brighter outfits or even make a head-turning statement by itself. 

The Gloves

When shopping for gloves, there are two main options for men. The traditional wool / wool-blend / cashmere glove or the more demure leather style.

Both wool and leather will deliver insulation to those frozen fingers but their practicalities are varied. Whilst being the warmer, wool gloves can often become restrictive for men using a pen or smartphone.

Leather gloves on the other hand give more dexterity but the style can be jarring to some. The way to make you look more sartorial astute than serial killer is by making sure it works within the overall aesthetic. By nature, leather gloves are more formal so work better with similar clothing like suits and smart overcoats.

The Scarf

Despite being one of the most simple items in a man's wardrobe, we cannot ignore how practical a scarf can be. This modest piece of fabric has the innate ability to help keep us warm whilst giving men a blank canvas to add some much-needed personality on a drab day.

Worn wrapped around the neck or draped just under the lapels of an overcoat why not add a splash of colour or pattern. Its slightly subdued appearance in a layered outfit means it can take onboard colour and pattern without overpowering the overall look.

The Thick Socks

As we move into colder weather we should be adding more depth in all departments and this includes socks. Thin cotton socks are comfortable but they won't offer any protection against a biting wind.

Upgrade to a thicker gauge. Not only will it keep you warmer if you are wearing trainers or formal shoes but chunkier socks will stop boots from uncomfortably rubbing.

The Waterproof Bag

It is not only your body that should be kept dry, the same should be said of your belongings. The last thing anyone needs right now is a rain-soaked Macbook, so keep work or personal paraphernalia dry with a durable waterproof bag.

As with your normal work or weekend bag, the same functionality and comfort credentials apply. The only difference is you are dismissing fabrics like a thinner canvas that disperses rainwater throughout the contents of the bag.

The result, no damp notepads being pulled out during that important business meeting.

The Umbrella

Like day follows night, it is inevitable that we will be faced with downpours during winter. Ensure you are equipped for a surprise rainfall with a good umbrella.

After putting so much time and effort in buying the right clothes and creating the best outfits. It would be a shame to ruin it by trying to protect yourself with a cheap supermarket umbrella.

Spending a bit more money on a better-constructed umbrella will get you an item that will not only keep you dryer in more blustery conditions but can last decades longer than cheaper alternatives. By choosing brands like London Undercover or James Smith you are receiving a statement accessory sustainably made from quality-sourced materials. Also, the price means you will look after it better, so no realisations of it being left in the pub the morning after.

The Lint Roller

With the influx in cold weather, men adapt their wardrobes to use fabrics that will keep us warmer. That means materials like wool, cashmere and shearling become part of our daily ensembles.

Thicker, warmer fabrics used within layering can often leave our other pieces with stray remains. The most stylish men know that the finer details need to be accounted for. So, use a lint roller before leaving the house to keep roaming fibres at bay.

The Shoe Tree

Your finest dress shoes need special attention to keep them in tip-top condition. In winter with rain, mud and even snow, we need to ramp up our commitment to ensure they maintain their presentable best.

Alongside regular cleaning and polishing, men should insert a shoe tree when formal shoes are not in use. Cedar shoe trees are highly absorbent and they will draw out the moisture in the leather that has built up over the day from rain or snow.

The result from using a shoe tree is fewer creases or cracks in the leather while the formal shoes will maintain their overall shape for longer.

The Long Underwear

The functionality of thermal underwear is a god-send in winter. Not only will they keep a larger portion of your body (the legs) warm, they are also very comfortable.

A key art to layering is to not mess with the silhouette and fit of the outfit. By warming out of sight, below your trousers, long underwear is a secret weapon for the most stylish men. When worn with formal trousers, they enable gents to remain smart and warm without having to pile on thick layers on our top half.

The Sunglasses

We are all aware it is important to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays in the summer but, it is just as prudent to protect them in winter. In winter UV rays can still be strong despite the sun sitting lower in the sky, even being reflected of water, snow or ice.

Protect your eyes and the sensitive skin surrounding by picking up a pair of winter sunglasses.

Did you know the tint of the sunglasses is not what protects you?

A chemical layer on the lens is the crucial ingredient for reflecting harmful ultraviolet rays. This is present not only in darker tints but lighter versions as well and it is this more delicate tint that tends to work better with everyday winter attire.

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